What Makes the Newsworthy?

The news is the daily occurrence of something new or noteworthy. The consumer is used to receiving news about the latest updates, so he or she expects to hear about the latest events. However, stories which are of average interest must be covered in a hurry or not at all. The length of the story depends on its importance and the number of people affected. In the last few years, there have been countless news stories involving murder, kidnapping, and natural disasters.


To make a crime story newsworthy, the victim should be a fresh, significant, and unexpected story. It must also be recent enough to remain newsworthy. Some crimes, such as robberies, depend on the current status of the perpetrator. If the killer has recently been caught, the story will lose its impact. The same holds true for crime stories that have occurred in the past, such as an attempted robbery, or a murder.


Grady students recently completed a capstone requirement in “Money in the News” with a unit on reporting personal finance stories. Grady students submitted their articles through the College Connect program run by the Society for Advancing Business Editing and Writing and supported by the National Endowment for Financial Education. Jeanne Davis’ article was selected as one of the top submissions. Several Grady students also submitted articles to the SABEW program.

Human interest stories

A journalist can use legal terms in human interest stories, if he is aware of the implications of the language he chooses. Manslaughter, for example, is the killing of another human. This crime can be either voluntary or involuntary. A witness or designated culprit is not guilty of the crime. Nevertheless, journalists writing human interest stories should take special care to avoid inaccuracies. A wrong word can have irreversible consequences.

Human aspirations

Basic human aspirations include self-realization, harmony with nature, and participation in the life of the world. This requires the correction of the prevailing notion that happiness and prosperity can only be achieved through sensory interactions and material facilities. The unmet basic human aspirations often generate contradictions, tensions, conflict, and insecurity. This course explores these issues and more. Its methodology is exploration-based and universally adaptable.

Time factor

Time factor in news is an issue that affects the quality of news and media content. Generally, news stories published in a short amount of time are perceived as more important and prestigious. Newspapers have a better chance of publishing longer stories, but the effect of time on the quality of news is not as strong as one might expect. The length of a news story does affect the number of people who will read it. While newspapers publish longer stories, it does not have the same impact on quality.