What Is Fashion?


Fashion is a multifaceted concept with different meanings to different people. It encompasses trends, styles and aesthetics that entail clothing, footwear and accessories. It also refers to a person’s way of dressing and behaving. Fashion can be a form of self-expression, a way of identifying with a particular period in time and a sense of belonging to a group. It is a social phenomenon that reflects the world around us, from the judges wearing robes to soldiers wearing uniforms and brides wearing white dresses.

For something to be considered fashion, it must first be popular, and then it must spread and be copied. This is a process called diffusion. It occurs in a variety of ways, from top-down (such as a celebrity wore something that made it into the mainstream), bottom-up (such as the emergence of hip-hop and its fashions) or transversally across cultures through media such as movies, music and advertising hoardings.

The most common definition of fashion is based on style, referring to the way a person dresses and how they act. However, it is not limited to the clothes that a person wears; even hairstyles have become fashion trends. A simple example is the bob cut that was in vogue in the 1920s, and then became the short boyish haircut of the 1940s, and finally the long hair that is now back in vogue.

Some argue that fashion reflects the social changes and economic conditions in a country, while others claim that it is merely an expression of personal taste and creativity. Aside from societal change, fashion can be influenced by other factors such as the availability of new materials and the desire to differentiate oneself from others.

Despite being considered as a superficial aspect of human life, fashion is a major industry. Millions of people are employed in this sector, including designers, manufacturers and retailers. It is not uncommon for people to spend a large portion of their income on clothes, shoes and other fashion-related items.

For many youngsters, it is a matter of pride to be fashionable, and they blindly follow celebrities and models. It is important for youngsters to understand that there are various kinds of fashion and that they should try out whatever they want, instead of just trying to fit in with the rest.

The concept of Fashion has evolved from a mere necessity to an ego-driven cult, where those who do not dress in the latest trends are judged as unfashionable. This attitude should be discouraged as it can be detrimental to a person’s self-confidence and their sense of identity. Furthermore, it can also lead to depression when they cannot reach the level of perfection exhibited by some others. To help them understand the concept of Fashion, Vedantu experts interviewed four alumni of Mercyhurst’s fashion department to see what they thought. Here are some of their responses: