What Is Entertaiment?


Entertaiment is a broad term that covers the entertainment industry. It is often abbreviated as entmt. It is more than just entertainment, however, and has many definitions. Its term originates from Frank Bellew, who coined it in The Art of Amusing Yourself. The book is full of humorous stories and ribald descriptions.

It includes music

Music is the art of using sound to express a feeling, whether it is a personal one or shared with others. Almost all music features human vocals and the use of musical instruments. The word music is derived from the Greek word mousike, meaning “art of the Muses.” The Ancient Greeks worshipped goddesses of music, poetry, and art. People who play musical instruments are known as musicians.

It includes zoo animals

Zoo animals are protected by laws on the federal, state, and international levels. Under the Animal Welfare Act, zoos must provide proper care and handling for the animals they exhibit. In addition to protecting zoo animals, the Act also protects endangered species. Though most states have laws against cruelty to zoo animals, six states have exceptions that exempt zoos from the laws.

Zoos have a long history of conservation. The earliest known menageries were created in ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia. They were used to collect exotic animals and to entertain the royal court. Later civilizations also had their own zoos. For example, the Aztec emperor Montezuma II had one of the earliest animal collections in the Western hemisphere, although it was destroyed during the Spanish conquest.