How to Analyse News

News is information about current events, obtained at every moment and place, which is reported promptly, accurately and objectively, to the public. It is often about people but it can also be about non-human things, such as a flood, a storm, a drought, an earthquake or a volcanic eruption. The aim of News is to inform and educate the public. It is a very powerful tool, which can teach and illuminate but it only works when it is used to those ends.

News can be a major source of entertainment but it can also be depressing, provoking anger or fear. It can even be used to manipulate opinions and create prejudices. However, a free press is often called the oxygen of democracy because without it democracies cannot survive. Having a free press does not guarantee that what is written or said will be fair and accurate but it can help to limit the effects of bias.

A good way to analyse a piece of News is by looking at how many of the following five criteria it meets: impact, proximity, controversy, significance and prominence. An example of a strong news story would be an event that affects many people and could possibly have a major influence on the community, a well-known person is involved or there is a lot of public debate about it.

Almost anything can be made into News, so it is important to know what your audience wants to read. Some common topics include celebrity, entertainment, sex, politics and the economy. News stories are most likely to have an impact if they are shocking, interesting or exciting, but they must also be factual and presented in an accurate manner.

Proximity can make an event more newsworthy if it is happening near the reader’s home or work, and if they are affected by it. Controversy, significance and relevance are also important factors in deciding what news is important to report.

The type of language used in News can influence the audience. It is best to keep the writing simple and avoid using too much jargon or abbreviations. The reader can easily get bored if they are reading a piece of news that is difficult to understand. A good piece of News will be easy to understand and give the reader a sense of adventure.

The best method to find out what’s happening around the world is to follow several news sources. Online news aggregators like Google News allow users to customize their news feeds to show only what they want to see. This way, they can sample a wide variety of viewpoints and avoid being biased by reading one view all the time. It is also helpful to look for international news outlets, because they often present a different perspective than US news sites. In addition, you may want to consider following a number of news blogs that cover different subjects.