What Happens on Internet every Minute

What Happens on Internet every MinuteHave you ever wondered What Happens On Internet Every Minute? Actually what happens in a single minute on internet is stunning and beyond Imagination. After reading this you are going to be whimsical and will know the importance of a minute because today we are going to enter in the digital realm to know every minute on internet. Here we are going to serve the best and detailed information about transactions, exchanges, social media likes, shares and everything that happens in 60 seconds on the internet.

Do you know? 30 years ago there was no Internet and afterwards when internet was invented 20 years ago there were only 130 websites in total. Google was also not invented at that time and there were paid e-mails. Now the social websites like Skype, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, Snapchat to which we are addicted and they have become part of our lives were not there 10 years ago. Web is the only place which is advancing at a rapid growth rate and the traffic is constantly increasing because of the telecommunication companies that are aiming to connect every person on internet.

What Happens on Internet every Minute

People Don’t Share
They Share Emotions!!!

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Let’s Have A Ride In A Minute On Internet!!!

#1. 150 Million E-Mails Are Sent


#2. 21 Million Whatsapp Messages Are Sent


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#3. 5,27,840 Photos Are Shared On Snapchat


#4. 7,01,390 Facebook Id’s Are Logged In

Facebook Id’s Are Logged In

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#5. 2,94,000 Statuses Are Updated On Facebook


#6. 1,38,000 Photos Are Uploaded On Facebook


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#7. 2.80 Million Videos Are Watched On Youtube


#8. 2.5 Million Search Queries Are Done On Google


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#9. 39,000 Photos Are Uploaded On Instagram


#10. 3,48,222 Tweets Are Done On Twitter


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When I Was A Kid….

My Social Network Was Called “Outside”….!!!!!

Social Media

Now you can close your opened mouth after reading these facts and figures about what happens on internet every minute because these numbers are increasing every day, every minute, and every second.

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