Vodafone Internet Settings

Vodafone Internet SettingsVodafone is India’s second largest mobile provider in India with more than 250 million subscribers. Vodafone provides their customers many god data plans and packs which runs on Vodafone Internet Settings. A Vodafone Internet settings/APN/GPRS setting is the same thing and is software setting because of which internet runs on the phones.

Without APN settings the Internet doesn’t works on the phone and without the access of the internet the phone is a boring stuff. So people if you have lost the Vodafone GPRS internet configuration settings for 2G/3G/4G and your internet is not functioning then there is no need to lose hope as we are here with the easiest guide on how to get the Vodafone Internet Settings and run the internet back again smoothly.

Vodafone Internet Settings

                                                     Vodafone GPRS/Internet Settings Via SMS

To activate 2G /3G /GPRS in your Vodafone mobile through SMS, here are the steps to follow:

  • Type a text SMS ‘VMC’
  • Send it to 52586 Number
  • Now Server sends you GPRS Setting for your Mobile.
  • Save this setting as default settings.
  • Now restart your mobile phone to start enjoying Internet service on your mobile phone.

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Vodafone GPRS/Internet Settings Manually

Here are the 2G /3G /GPRS internet settings for setting up Vodafone mobile internet access manually on your phone. This is the way to set APN setting in your mobile.

#1. Navigate to Settings -> Wireless and Networks -> Mobile Networks -> Access Point Names (APN).

For adding new APN setting, select or hit on option button of your mobile and select “New APN” or you may even edit the existing APN by selecting edit.

#2. You need to make changes in some fields in edit access point. Options and its following four field value i.e name, APN, authentication type and apn type, has to be filled as follows :

Name Any
APN www
Access Number *99***1# OR *99#
Proxy [Not Set]
MMS Proxy
MMS Port
Authentication Type
MCC Check the table below
APN Type default

Don’t add anything to the fields Proxy, Port, Username, Password, Server, MMS Proxy, MMS Port, DNS1, and DNS2.

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Vodafone: Circle Wise MCC & MNC Codes

Telecom CircleMCCMNC
Andhra Pradesh (including Telangana)40413
Bihar (including Jharkhand)405752
Delhi Metro & NCR40411
Gujarat (including Daman and Diu & Silvassa)40405
Himachal Pradesh405754
Jammu & Kashmir405750
Kerala (including Lakshadweep and Minicoy)40446
Kolkata Metro40430
Madhya Pradesh (including Chhattisgarh)405756
Maharashtra (including Goa)40427
Mumbai Metro40420
North East (Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Manipur, Nagaland and Tripura)405755
Odisha (formerly Orissa)405753
Punjab (including Chandigarh & Panchkula)40488
Tamil Nadu (including Puducherry)40443
Uttar Pradesh East40415
Uttar Pradesh West (including Uttarakhand)40566
West Bengal (including Andaman Nicobar Islands, and Sikkim)40567

#3. Now Save the above setting and Reboot your phone. Now you’ll be able to connect to the internet.

Above given Vodafone APN are for telecom circles which includes TamilNadu,  Karnataka, New Delhi, NCR, Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Bihar and Jharkhand, Chennai, Gujarat,  Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu Kashmir, Kerala, Kolkatta, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Mumbai, North East, Orissa, Punjab, Rajasthan, UP East, UP West, West Bengal

If there is any change in Vodafone Internet Settings, we will inform you on this page so stay connected to this page for up to date info. In case, if you’ve any problem in accessing internet or related to information provided on this page, write your comment below with specified problem, we would try to help you.

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