Vodafone DND

Vodafone DNDSometimes, unwanted commercial calls or SMS of company are extremely irritating the people and they want some way to stop all this.  For solving this problem of customers, company provides Vodafone DND Activation Codes which we have provided you on this page. By using these activation codes, you may easily stop unwanted calls or messages on your mobile no. So, Customers who want to stop this unsolicited promotions calls, must check the below section of this page. We have also provided you De-Activation codes of Do Not Disturb service. So, customers who want to deactivate this service may also go through this page.

Vodafone DND

How to Activate Vodafone DND?

Via SMS:

START 0 to 1909

Via Call:

1909 and follow IVR guidance

For Vodafone Mobile DND Options:

Fully Blocked

All commercial communications will be blocked.

Partially Blocked

In Partial blocked option you may block all commercial voice calls. But in this, you may also select to receive messages from your Preferences categories. In the beneath segment of this page, we have presented seven preferences, so you may select to receive commercial SMS:

  1. Consumer goods and automobiles
  2. Banking/Insurance/Financial products/credit cards
  3. Education
  4. Health
  5. Real Estate
  6. Communication / Broadcasting / Entertainment / IT
  7. Tourism and Leisure

For subscribing for partial block, you are required to check the below section of this page. Customers, you are required to replace ‘X’ with preference number.

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Single Preference

Via SMS:

START X to 1909.

Via Call:

Call on 1909 and follow IVR guidance

Multiple Preferences

Via SMS:

START X, X to 1909.

Via Call:

1909 and follow the IVR guidance

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How to De-activate Vodafone DND?

Via SMS:

STOP to 1909

Via Call:

1909 and follow IVR guidance

Points to Remember with DND Registration:

  • By activating DND service, your bank SMS alerts, bank communications, online bookings, third party personal calling etc cannot block.
  • Each DND request takes at least 7 days for process and confirmation SMS will sent to you in 24 hours.
  • There are no charges of Calls and messages to 1909 (toll free).

Previously, we was called this service ‘DND’ which mean Do Not Disturb, but now TRAI (The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) transform Do Not Disturb to NCPR (National Consumer Preference Register). In do not disturb wservic, we had chances for receiving unwanted promotions calls but with NCPR, chances of receiving unwanted messages or calls are almost zero.

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Customers, we hope that the above mentioned information will help you to stop unwanted messages and calls. Customers, if you have any query about Vodafone DND you may leave your comment in below commenting section of this page.


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