Top 10 YouTubers in India

Top 10 YouTubers in IndiaIn today’s scenario millions of people use Youtube on regular basis, for some it is a source of entertainment while for other it is used to gain knowledge and also some use it as a source of business. Here we’ll be talking about Top 10 YouTubers in India that are earning good amount from this profession. Not only they are youtube millionaires but are also loved by many people and are the YouTube Superstars. These youtubers have their own unique script, ideas, creativity which is reflected through their videos that has acquired a major stake in the mind of today’s youth. With their tremendous videos they have won the heart of million viewers worldwide. So it’s the time to have a glance on the best Youtubers of March 2017, India.

Top 10 YouTubers in India

#1. Tanmay Bhat

So the first one in our list of richest Youtube Superstar is Tanmay Bhat for famous comedy show named “AIB (All India Bakchod)”. He founded this show with Gursimran Khamba and has created an Entertainment atmosphere all around. Also “Oye it’s Friday” TV show is screen played by him. Though he is not good looking and has naughty eyes but still he is the youtube superstar. Earlier he had written screenplays for various filmfare award and TV Shows too.

  • Channel Name: All India Bakchod
  • Subscribers: 1,504,972
  • Views: 136,713,830

#2. Sahil Khattar

He is the one who got success in his life at very early stage i.e. at 17 he became chandigarh’s top radio jockey with his programme “Love Guru”. These Indian Youtubers earnings are very high asand are the best YouTube Superstars. He was not having family support with him as his father wants him to join his business and mother was very much concerned for him. His mom was not in favor of sending him out. His life has become difficult and he started writing dialogue and exploring acting. After some time he got a programme offer from Culture Machine and he signed that and started his life. He is now one of the popular and best YouTuber in India who deserves to be in our top 10 list.

  • Channel Name: Being Indian
  • Subscribers: 1,104,720
  • Views: 622,413

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#3. Bhuvan Bam

Hats off to this person, he is the one who can make any person laugh through its awesome videos. Our Top 10 YouTubers in India list cannot be completed without him. Bhuvan Bam started his journey on YouTube just like that only but his videos were soo much loved by people that he becomes the best YouTube Superstar. His videos are on the channel “BB Ki Vines” that has left people ROFL. Millions of people have subscribed to his channels, he is the awesome youtuber to watch in today’s scenario. All youngsters are fan of him.

  • Channel Name: BB ki Vines
  • Subscribers: 1,697,891
  • Views: 4,329,076

#4. Sanjay Thumma

Now-a-days lots of people learn food recipes using Youtube Cooking sites. He is the leading founder of cooking site That has millions of subscribers. Not only this, he is well known for endorsing different kitchen appliances. Sanjay Thumma is the most famous YouTubers in India among them. One day he decided to post some of his recipe videos on youtube for his friends but it turned to something else and his recipes turn out to be famous all around.

  • Channel Name: VahChef
  • Subscribers: 630,274
  • Views: 314,136,764

#5. Nisha Madhulika

Nisha Madhulika is another famous personality who is best known for his Indian Food recipes. His chilren’s had grown up and moved out. In 2007 she started a blog with the help of his husband. Then slowly people loved her recipes and request to put more and this way she has now been listed in Top 10 YouTubers in India list.

  • Channel Name: Nisha Madhulika
  • Subscribers: 436,641
  • Views: 134,595,861

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#6. Sanam Puri

Sanam Puri songa are the best song that can bring smile on your face and make you feel forget about all other things happening around. He used to sing songs at a very small age that is at 6 years of age he went for audition for the Times Music Superstars whose main hunt was for a pop band. Then after some years he began his career by working in Ben Thomas Bandwhere he met big singers and entered to bollywood industry. Then he uploaded some videos on YouTube that made him more popular and is now in the YouTube Millionaires list.

  • Channel Name: Sanam
  • Subscribers: 1,140,618
  • Views: 15,590,118

#7. Shruti Arjun Anand

Shruti Arjun Anand started in 2010 by uploading some videos how to cook, apply makeup, hairstyle and other fashion tips. But soon she realized that all these makeups are not suitable on all Indian skin. In 2011 she filmed videos and uploaded it and after a good response she started doing it weekly. For fashion lovers whether old or young she became the helping hand in making them Gorgeous and dazzling by her famous channel “DIY (Do It Yourself) hair and makeup do’s”. you can subscribe his channel and get some easy fashion tips.

  • Channel Name: shruti arjun anand
  • Subscribers: 286,269
  • Views: 52,707,926

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#8. Kanan Gill

Other famous personalities of YouTube, Kanan Gill the best comedian I have ever heard. People like his videos as he works with absolute perfection. From childhood only he uses to entertain his friends and now to the whole country. Undoubtedly he deserves to be in Top 10 YouTubers in India list.

  • Channel Name: Kanan Gill
  • Subscribers: 348,389
  • Views: 33,192,451

#9. Ranjit Kumar

This person doesn’t need any introduction; he is one of the best YouTubers in India. he was earning good from his earlier profession but as per his interest he started uploading the best text based reviews on youtube which gave a good response by the readers. At present he conducts a Q&A sessions on every Saturday at 7 pm where his followers ask various questions from him.

  • Channel Name: Ranjit Kumar
  • Subscribers: 1,316,874
  • Views: 321,685

#10. Vikram Yadav

After his graduation in medical field he uploaded videos on YouTube about stuff he had researched or a medical problem he had encountered, along with treatments and outcomes. This was his hobby but noe it hasd become a profession for him through which he is earning god and is one of the youtube Millionaires in India.

  • Channel Name: Vikram Yadav
  • Subscribers: 229,541
  • Views: 295,993,014

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