Top 10 Search Engines for Students

To make your studies easier it is important to select the best Search Engine. But it becomes complicated to decide the right source of searching web pages, where heaps of websites are available on the internet. Check out the Top 10 Search Engines for Students 2017 that are listed below. Search Engine acts like an index of the book and the most interesting fact is that the index of this book contains millions of topics that no other book can have. As compared to books, searching for the topic you need is very easy to search through internet. A Web Search Engine is specially designed so that you can get the information easily of any topic. So to know about the most used Search Engine worldwide you have to go through this page. This article will help you in selecting the Most popular and great Search Engines in India that will make your studies more easy.

Top 10 Search Engines for Students

Top 10 Search Engines for Students

#1. Google Scholar 

Google Scholar is on top in the list of most popular search engines in India that provides a easy way to look for scholarly literature. As the name only tells that it is powered by Google. With the help of this Search Engine you can easily search across many disciplines and sources like articles, abstracts and court opinions, get quick citations etc. it is a best tool for students to use.

#2. Iseek

Iseek Education Search engine is the best tool that can be used by academic. It is a non-commercial search engine that helps you in doing safe search for multiple of trusted resources from universities and government. It is an intelligent designed tool that identifies school subjects, lesson plans, grade levels and activities etc.

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#3. OJOSE  

OJOSE that stands for Online Journal Search Engine is one of the brilliant search engine that helps you in locating or download or even purchase scientific publications easily from various databases. OJOSE is a free Scientific Search Engine and is the best Search Engine 2017 that is easy to use.

#4. Scirus 

Scirus is another top rated search engine that is designed for scientific information only. If you are searching for some scientific information then this tool is the best to use. As millions of scientific items are indexed that includes scientists web pages, journal articles, institutional repositories etc.

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#5. DMOZ 

DMOZ is an Open Content Directory that is like a search engine that provides a way to select the link among millions of links available. In this listing of similar topic are customized in one category and this search engine is constructed and maintained by volunteer editors.

 #6. Google Custom Search Engine

Undoubtedly Google has been the best Search Engine for millions of people and it has come true for this custom search engine tool. In this Search Engine you can customize your search results to match your site’s design. What you need to do is selects the websites and pages that you want to search for and then check out across particular sites.

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#7. Google Book Search

Another best Search Engines for Students is Google Book Search that is powered by Google. In today’s world lots of people study online, even students love to prepare for exams online without books as it become easy for them to choose a particular topic and have deep knowledge about them with the help of these search engines. Get a hard copy of the book that you need, you can find online reviews etc.

#8. Educational Resources Information Center (ERIC)

The Educational Resources Information Center is one of the oldest and best sites for students that help you in finding authentic educational resources with more than 1.3 million bibliographic records of articles and online materials. It the most used search engine and has been estimated that approx eight millions of searches are been done in a month and has been great search engine for Education.

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#9. Intute

Intute is another very popular Web Service aimed at helping students, teachers and researchers in getting best education information via large database of resources. To make your studies easier it is necessary to select the right source where you can acquire the best and easy information that remains in your memory for long.

#10. Federal Resources for Academic Excellence

Federal Resources for Academic Excellence or you can call it as FREE is specially designed to makes it easier to find various educational resources that offers an ample of Academic subjects information. With the help of this tool you can search for various topics like health & physical education, Arts, History etc.

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So we have given shared the top 10 Search Engines for Students 2017 that are great Search Engines and are used in wide range. You can share your views with us in the below given comment box. 

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