Top 10 Largest Water Reservoirs in India

Top 10 Largest Water Reservoirs in IndiaThe Top 10 Largest Water Reservoirs in India which are among the reservoirs made to meet the needs of the people. As India is a one of the most beautiful country with astonishing major rivers like Ganga, Narmada and Brahmputra. And for the better convenience of people largest reservoirs are built on these rivers like Indira Sagar & Nanak Sagar. Here we are also presenting some Biggest Man Made Lakes in India made by these water reservoirs. 

As we know Dams are essential for Irrigation facilities, Agriculture growth as well as electricity supplies. But these giant reservoirs affect the ecosystem drastically. However, the biggest state of India, Uttar Pradesh, is well known for its 7 dams in Lalitpur district; Rajghat dam, Saajnam dam, Jamini dam, Rohini dam, Matateela dam, Govindsagar dam and Sehjaad dam. Now, look at the list of biggest dams situated in different parts of India.

Top 10 Largest Water Reservoirs in India

#1. Cheruthoni Dam, Kerala

Cheruthoni Dam, the third largest dam in India, situated in Kerala. Cheruthoni Dam is situated near Idukki arch dam. This concrete gravity dam is built across River Cheruthoni. This dam is recognized as the best picnic spot for travelers. Cheruthoni Dam is 450 feet in height and its length is measured around 2300 feet. Cheruthoni Dam has got the installed capacity of 32 MW.

#2. Indira Sagar Dam, Madhya Pradesh

Indira sagar dam is situated in Khandwa, Madhya Pradesh and it is built on the Narmada river. With a height of 92m and length of 653 m, this dam is one of the largest dams in India. This concrete gravity dam has carries installed capacity of 1,000 MW.

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#3. Mettur Dam, Tamil Nadu

Mettur Dam is constructed across Kaveri River in Tamil Nadu. This dam carries a height of 120 ft and length of 1700 meters. This concrete dam is amongst the oldest dams of India. Mettur Dam has got a height capacity of power generation. The installed capacity of Mettur Dam is 32 MW. Tourist love to travel this dam as the lake formed by the dam is really beautiful.

#4. Bisalpur Dam, Rajasthan

Bisalpur Dam is the biggest dam of Bisalpur, Rajasthan. The dam is situated in Tonk District. With the height of 130 ft and length of 1883 ft, this dam is one of the largest dams in India. This gravity dam has got the installed capacity of 172 MW. Bisalpur dam attracts various varieties of birds.

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#5. Krishnarajasagar Dam, Karnataka

Krishnarajasagar dam is made across Kaveri River that is located near Mysore in Karnataka. The Kaveri is a famous river Indian River and Brindavan Gardens is situated near the dam. Brindavan Gardens is one of the best gardens in India. The dam is 125 feet in height and 3.5km in length. The Krishnarajasagar Dam has got installed capacity of 200 MW.

#6. Koyna Dam, Maharashtra

Koyna Dam has been built across Koyana River that is located in Koyna Naga, Maharashtra. Koyna Dam has got a height of 103m and its installed capacity is 1,920 MW. It is considered as one of the Western Ghats largest dam in Maharashtra. The lake made by the Koyna dam is known as the Shivaji Lake and is one of the Biggest Man Made Lakes in India.

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#7. Rihand Dam, Uttar Pradesh

The Rihand dam is constructed across Rihand River. The Installed capacity of Rihand Dam is 300 MW. The concrete gravity dam is 3064 ft in length and 299 ft in height.  The reservoir of Rihand dam is called as Govind Ballabh Pant reservoir. This dam has gained a place under the list of largest dams in India.

#8. TungaBhadra Dam, Karnataka

TungaBhadra dam is another Largest Water Reservoirs in India. The dam is constructed across river Tungabhadra. The dam looks extremely amazing with a Japanese garden, beautiful mountain and scenic view. The Installed capacity of TungaBhadra Dam is 72 MW. It is 2441 meters in length and 49.38 meters in height.

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#9. Bhavani Sagar Dam, Tamil Nadu

The Bhavani Sagar Dam has been built across Bhavani River. For the safety of people, the dam is located 80 Km far from Coimbatore city, Tamil Nadu. Bhavani Sagar Dam is really

Astonishing and hence it is the most liked tourist destination. The dam is 8 km. long and often recognized as the longest masonry dam in the world. Its installed capacity is around 1,920 MW.

#10. Maithon Dam, Jharkhand

Maithon Dam is the one of the Largest Water Reservoirs in India. This giant dam is built on the river of Barakar located at Maithon. Maithon Dam is India’s most successful multipurpose projects. The main purpose behind forming this dam is to control flood and generates electricity in Jharkhand and places near it. Maithon Dam is a Concrete cum Earthen dam and is recognized as the largest reservoir in the Damodar Valley.

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