Top 10 European Countries to Visit

Top 10 European Countries to VisitEurope is continent that comprises westernmost part of Eurasia and it is world’s 2nd smallest continent by surface area. There are various Best Destinations in Europe for the people who are interested to go for hangout in European Countries. Those people who are surfing Top 10 European Countries to Visit then they are only need to go through this article. In this article, we have provided you the Ten Best Destinations in Europe to visit. People, who want to visit Europe, must take the benefit of this page, to know about Top 10 European Countries to Visit.

Top 10 European Countries to Visit

  1. France

Top 10 European Countries to Visit

In the world, France is number one tourist destination place and France is superior state which comprises territory in Western Europe and numerous overseas regions and territories. France is European part which is called Metropolitan France and it from Mediterranean Sea to English Channel and North Sea and from Rhine to Atlantic Ocean. In the year 1971, one of the first countries for creating an environment ministry was France. Even, in the world, it is one of the most industrialized countries. Historically, it is large producer of agricultural products. Primary French agricultural exports are Wheat, dairy, beef, poultry and pork and they are also internationally recognized processed foods.

  1. Germany


Germany is a central parliamentary republic in western-central Europe. Germany includes 16 constituent states and covers an area of 357,021 square kilometers. The biggest and capital of Germany is Berlin. In the world, Germany is 7th most visited country, with total of 407 million overnights during the year 2012. In Europe, Berlin has become 3rd most visited city destination. Germany is recognized for its various tourist routes like the Castle Road,  the Romantic Road, the Avenue Road and the Wine Rout etc. In the European Union, Germany is the most populated member state. In the world, it is 2nd most popular migration destination After US. Germany is home of powerful sportsmen, inventors entrepreneurs, scientists artists, philosophers and musicians. Germany is located in between the oceanic Western European and continental Eastern European climate. Germany is known for its great portion of small and medium enterprises.

  1. Italy


Italy is unitary parliamentary republic in Europe and due to its shape, Italy has largely temperate climate. It is 4th most crowded EU member state and in the Eurozone, it has 3rd largest economy and in the world, it has 8th largest economy. The metropolitan cities of Europe are Rome, Milan, Venice and others. Education in Italy is free and compulsory from the age 6 to 16 and it consist 5 stages Kindergarten, primary school, lower secondary school, upper secondary school and university. Italy is regarded as one of the world’s most industrialized nations and in world, it is leading country in trade and exports. It is 6th biggest manufacturing country. Tourism is one of the fastest growing and profitable sectors of national economy. In the world, Italy was the 6th highest tourism earner and the 5th most visited country.

  1. Netherlands


Netherlands is the main “constituent country” of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. In Western Europe, It is small and densely populated country and it is with three island territories in the Caribbean. “Netherlands” exactly means “Lower Countries” and the biggest and most important cities in Netherlands are Amsterdam, The Hague and Rotterdam out of these 3 cities Amsterdam is the capital of Netherlands. Netherlands has 20 national parks and hundreds of other nature reserves included woods, dunes, lakes, heathland and other habitats. Netherlands is one of the world’s 10 leading exporting countries.  Machinery, electrical goods, metallurgy, Chemicals, and tourism are other major industries of Netherlands.

  1. England


England is country that is part of United Kingdom and it is shares land borders with Scotland to north and Wales to west. England covers most of the central and southern part of island of Great Britain, which lies in North Atlantic. The country includes more than 100 smaller islands like Isles of Scilly, and the Isle of Wight. Each year, Tourism has become important industry which attracts millions of visitors to England. Many ancient standing stone tributes were erected during prehistoric period, amongst best-known are Stonehenge, Devil’s Arrows, Castlerigg and Rudston Monolith.

  1. Switzerland


Switzerland is a country in Europe and The service sector especially banking and insurance, tourism and international organizations is another significant industry for Switzerland. Switzerland has 4 official languages. The country is located in Western and Central Europe, and is surrounded by Italy to south, France to west, Germany to north, and Austria and Liechtenstein to east. The country is home of many international organizations, which included 2nd biggest UN office. Switzerland has no official state religion, while most of the regions except Geneva and Neuchâtel are familiar with official churches, which are either Catholic Church or (Protestant) Swiss Reformed Church.

  1. Greece

GreeceGreece is country situated in southeastern Europe and according to 2011 census; Greece’s population is about 10.8 million. The nation’s capital and largest city of Greece is Athens, after Thessaloniki, which is generally called co-capital. Greece has one of the longest histories of any country, tracing its roots to civilization of Ancient Greece. Greece is one of the world’s biggest middle powers, shipping powers and top tourist destinations and it has biggest economy in the Balkans. In the year 2010, Greece was European Union’s biggest producer of cotton and it has 4th in the production of tobacco.

  1. Norway


The Kingdom of Norway generally called Norway and it is a unitary monarchy whose territory includes western portion of Scandinavian Peninsula plus Jan Mayen and Arctic Archipelago of Svalbard. The total area covered by the Norway country is 385,252 square kilometers (148,747 sq mi) and population of 5,165,800 people. The country is surrounded by Finland and Russia to north-east and Skagerrak Strait to south, with Denmark on other side. On two levels, the country has both administrative and political subdivisions. There are total 10 largest cities in Norway out of which some are Oslo, Stavanger/Sandnes, Tønsberg, Bergen etc. In the world, Norwegians has 2nd highest GDP per-capita among European countries and the 4th highest GDP (PPP) per-capita.

  1. Spain


Spain is democracy organized in form of parliamentary government under constitutional monarchy. In the world, it is one of the foremost countries in the development and production of renewable energy. It has made Spain’s international tourist industry among the biggest in the world. Spain’s capitalist mixed economy is 16th biggest globally and 5th biggest in European Union, as well as Eurozone’s 4th biggest. The Spanish has 6 highways which are connecting with Madrid to Basque Country, Catalonia, Valencia, West Andalusia, Extremadura and Galicia. In Europe, Spain is the 4th biggest country in European Union and 2nd biggest country in Western Europe. On the basis of population, Spain is 6th biggest in Europe and the 5th in European Union.

  1. Scotland


Scotland is country that is part of United Kingdom and it covering northern third of island of Great Britain. The country’s capital and 2nd largest city is Edinburgh and it was the hub of Scottish Enlightenment of 18th century. The country biggest city was one of world’s foremost industrial cities and now lies at centre of Greater Glasgow conurbation. It is characterize in European Union and European Parliament with 6 MEPs. Scotland has 5 main international airports and the largest cities of Scotland are Glasgow, Paisley, Edinburgh,
Livingston and others.

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