Top Crops Producing States of India

Top Crops Producing States of IndiaIndia is highly popularized country which is greatly known for its good economy and growth. We are listing here Top Crops Producing States Of India that have contributed a lot in economic development of nation. Well, everyone knows that Indian economic growth is basically based on the agriculture system because it directly leads to employment opportunities to the people. And if we talk about the current scenarios, then agriculture is furnishing near about 14 % of country’s GDP.

In this page, viewers will get to know some interesting unknown facts of the some places that are known for best food grain production. You will be surprised to known that India comes on the topmost position in terms of various crops production. When it comes to division of Indian crops, then basically four main categories comprises of food grains, plantation crops, cash and horticulture corps.

Top Crops Producing States of India


WheatUttar Pradesh, Punjab and Madhya Pradesh
RiceWest Bengal and Uttar Pradesh
GramMadhya Pradesh and Tamil Nadu
BarleyMaharashtra, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan
BajraMaharashtra, Gujarat and Rajasthan

Cash Crops

SugarcaneUttar Pradesh and Maharashtra
PoppyUttar Pradesh and Himachal Pradesh

Oil Seeds

CoconutKerala and Tamil Nadu
LinseedRajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Haryana
GroundnutGujarat, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu
Rape seed and mustardRajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Haryana
SesameUttar Pradesh and Rajasthan
SunflowerKarnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra

Fiber Crops

CottonMaharashtra and Gujarat
JuteWest Bengal and Bihar
SilkKarnataka and Kerala 


CoffeeKarnataka and Kerala
RubberKerala and Karnataka
TeaAssam and Kerala
TobaccoGujarat, Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh


PepperKerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu
CashewnutsKerala, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh
GingerKerala and Uttar Pradesh
TurmericAndhra Pradesh and Odisha


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Places With Best Food Grain Production
  1. Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh is the most significant and topmost states which is known for corps production. It is a big supplier to food grain stuff. And when it comes to economic wealth, this state is having one of the largest financial systems. Nearly 40 million tones of crops were produced in year 2013-14 contributing to 18 % production.

  1. Punjab

Punjab is a developing state of India which is highly famous for wheat crop production. This place leads to higher economic development therefore also called as Indian granary. Some significant crops are grown here including fruits, sugar cane, rice, wheat and vegetables. The major corps of Punjab is barley, millet, pearl, bajara etc.

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  1. Madhya Pradesh

Agriculture is main source of economic development in Madhya Pradesh. Here, the food grain production including pulses, rice and wheat are very good. MP is the state known for creation of some major corps including soya bean, pulses, cereals, wheat, paddy. And in some parts of the districts, crops like sugarcane as well as cotton are also grown.

  1. West Bengal

West Bengal economic growth majority depends upon the agriculture. However, big industries and other services lead heavily to the economic development. But cultivation of rice, pulses and potato are few major food grains of this state.

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  1. Tamil Nadu

Next prominent place is Tamil nadu which is basically known for farming only. The state crop production heavily relies upon climatic conditions. In addition to this, cultivation services lead 45% of economic growth, 34% by manufacturing and 21% by agriculture activities.

  1. Kerala

Kerala had observed a significant improvement in the farming sector firm last few years. And all this could be possible because of land reform act execution in 1963. Numerous crops produce here including coffee, pepper, ginger, cinnamon, rubber, paddy, etc which helps in the transformation of state into developed district.

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  1. Gujarat

Gujarat had good wealth in agriculture and industrial sectors. Some of its main food grains that are produced in this state comprise of milk, dates, cotton and the products made from milk. And from the industrial goods, petrol and cement are among the most significant products.

  1. Himachal Pradesh

Cultivations are the main occupation in himachal Pradesh state. People consider this field as their main business and we must tell you that this sector had lead to 45-50 % contribution in state economic growth.

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  1. Maharashtra

Maharashtra is very much developed Indian state and among the tops corps producing state of India. This region comprises of much area where different types of crops get cultivated here such as oil seeds, sugarcane, cotton, soya bean, fruits and veggies, sunflower and many more.

  1. Karnataka

All the people residing in rural area of Karnataka consider agriculture as their main occupation. This place is known for the production of some major food grains like rice, cotton, coconut, tobacco, cardamom, jowar, pulses and many more.

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So, that’s all about top crops producing states of India. For additional information and interesting facts, stay tuned with our web portal.


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