Motorcycle Helmet Brands

Motorcycle Helmet BrandsMotorcycle Helmet is the most important protective gear that you can wear while riding a motorcycle. Life safety is the top most priority for all. So to help you in deciding which helmet brand you should prefer. We’ve given this article placing the list of Top 10 Motorcycle Helmet Brands April 2017. To select the most stylist, affordable, comfortable and high quality helmets for you, just go through this page. As we know that the demand of Motorcycles is increasing with time and often we heard about accident cases that can even take your life. So to secure your life and to go with fashion too we have shared the best protection helmets brands that you can trust blindly. So don’t risk your life, get your favorite helmet brand today only.

Motorcycle Helmet Brands

#1. Arai

The top ranked Motorcycle Helmet Brands is Arai Helmets. This brand came into existence in 1926 by Hirotake Arai. Though it is one of the oldest companies but still the company has maintained its first position till now. As the main aim of this organization is to produce highest quality motorcycle helmets that satisfy their customers in all respect. They offer the most stylist, best quality and safest helmets.

#2. Shoei

Since 1959, Shoei have been making crash helmets in Japan and they’re now established as one of the foremost makers of good quality, high-end motorcycle helmets. Their range of products covers the whole styles from open-faced to flip-ups to full-faced and is generally considered as being at the cutting edge of helmet technology.

#3. Nolan

Since 1973, Nolan Helmets are manufactured in Italy. The Nolan Group now produce and distributes Nolan, X-Lite and Grex helmet brands – all manufactured in Italy. Nolan and X-Lite cover the mid to high end of the market while Grex are a lower priced helmet range targeting newer riders. Nolan and X-Lite manufacture quality helmets that are used by some of the top MotoGp and WSB riders – including Jorge Lorenzo and Marco Melandri. Nolan Group helmets took 3 of the top 10 places in our look at the best SHARP safety-rated helmets – so is a brand with a brilliant reputation for safety.

#4. Shark

One of the choicest international brands in India, our range of Shark helmets come in different designs and styles. Accessible in all sizes, these Shark Helmets are manufacture with quality material and skilled workmanship that gives a look of sophistication and stylish. They are high on endurance and permanence and are especially made to provide the best possible protection. The products are authentic and apt for all kinds of roads and surfaces. One can choose from a varied variety as per choice and requirement.

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#5. AGV

AGV is an Italian motorcycle helmet firm, established by Gino Amisano, which started making out leather seats and motorcycle saddles in the year 1946. A year later, in 1947, the corporate started manufacturing its first bike helmets. The brand is most notably related to motorcycle World Champions Valentino Rossi and Giacomo Agostini, both of whom have used AGV helmets throughout their career. In 2008, Rossi was made an honorary president of the company. The brand can also count past Formula One world champions like Niki Lauda, Emerson Fittipaldi and Nelson Piquet as wearers.

#6. LS2

LS2 is the best Motorcycle Helmet Brands 2017 that focus on the functionality. The company delivers the most reasonably priced helmets along with high-quality that are manufactured using the advance production techniques and assembled with fastidious attention to its quality and safety.

#7. Bell

Bell’s entry-level motorcycle crash helmet is rated top for safety, has an excellent quality and is light in weight. Noise levels are good and it comes with an anti-fog visor. BELL’s auto racing distinctive helmets line includes many diverse models, exclusively designed for each type of car racing and being at the edge of technology. Since the 1980’s, BELL has pioneered an outstanding number of innovations in all areas of contemporary helmets: lightweight composite materials shells, ventilation systems, advanced aerodynamic designs, fog free shields, and the list is very long.

#8. HJC

Another one of the best quality Motorcycle Helmet Brands in our top 10 list is HJC. HJC brand is the most popular Helmet brand that manufactures helmets since 1992. The company main focus is customer satisfaction and protection. Therefore they offer high quality, comfortable, and reasonably priced helmets to motorcyclists around the world. HJC is the most stylist helmet brand that is friendly to motorcyclists.

#9. Duke

Duke Helmet DK-120 is the most demanded and low priced Helmet manufacturing brand that offers various benefits to its customers. The helmets produced by any other company does not fully cover the face but this company produces Helmets that cover you full face, head and neck and in case u met with an accident, you will be completely protected. The person who wear Duke Helmet feels safe and good because of its amazing looks.

#10. X-Lite

X-lite is a part of the Nolan Group, an Italian group of brands that manufactures X-lite, Nolan and Grex helmets. X-lite’s main aim is to make the safest possible helmets. You’d kinda expect everyone to do this but the SHARP safety test results point to X-lite being a bit more serious about it than most, with every one of their tested helmets scoring a minimum of four out of five stars for safety.

Now select the brand that you liked the most from the given Top 10 Motorcycle Helmet Brands above. You can share your views regarding this post in the comment box below.


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