Top 10 Best TV Shows to Watch

Top 10 Best TV Shows to WatchIf you are a viewer of English TV shows you must know that 2016 has been a great year for TV shows and we are just at the end of the year and have a curiosity about new upcoming 2017 TV shows and their sequels. So we have prepared a cheatsheet of Top 10 Best TV Shows to Watch in 2017 and the top rated awesome TV series of this year that are going to continue in 2017.Here is the list of top 10 best TV shows to watch in 2017.

This TV series are one of the best series to watch. Follow up this page to see all the top rated series which are popular in TV. You can also visit our page again to see all the updated details about this post.

Top 10 Best TV Shows to Watch

#1. The Defenders

All four street level marvel heroes will join forces in the Team-Up series. This show is probably be going to be aired in the latter half of the year and is going to be the biggest threat yet when the group of heroes are bought together.

The Defenders

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#2. Emerald City

Emerald city is going to be more in common with Game of Thrones and is a story about a twenty year old girl along with a police dog who finds her into a mystical land of competing kingdom, murderous warriors and a tremendous battle of power.

 Emerald City

#3. One Day At A Time

This show will be based on a recently separated Cuban Family and a divorced mother raising her two teen daughters and twine son. This TV show is going to have thirteen episodes.

One Day At A Time

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#4. Prison Break (Season 5)

Prison break season 5 is going to be the most awaited season by fans. The season 5 air month is March 2017. This season is going to be continued after Michael Scot field is concluded to die to save his lady love.

Prison Break (Season 5)

#5. Lethal weapon

Lethal Weapon is TV serial coming in 2017 by FOX studios. In the serial crazy cop meets about-to-retire cop and they both come together to stop bad guys. This serial is going to be a deadly combination of humor and action.

Lethal weapon

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#6. Legacy

Legacy is the upcoming 2017 TV series. It is a story of a military hero who returns his home U.S with so many problems and he also stops the largest scale terror attack on America.


#7. Iron Fist

Iron fist is the Marvel series releasing its first premiere on Netflix on March 17, 2017. In this the heroes will fight against the criminal activities and criminal elements corrupting NY. The hero will fight against them with his special ability and skill in Kung Fu and superior power of Iron Fist.

Iron Fist

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#8. Pitch (Season 2)

Pitch’s expected premier date is in the spring of 2017. Pitch is a emotional and a dramatic story of a woman who becomes the first woman to play Baseball major league when she is chosen to play for San Diego Padres. Dan Fogelman is the executive producer and the baseball player role is played by Ginny Baker.

Pitch (Season 2)

#9. Taken

Taken is a Upcoming TV series and is going to be aired on 27 February 2017. It is the story of Bryan Mills who is a young man without a family but he has a particular type of skills that he has gained from his past career and that is kidnapping. The series will point on Mill that how he uses his kidnapping skills.


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#10. APB

APB is a Hollywood TV serial going to be aired on 6th February 2017. It is a story of a tech billionaire who has been given control of police branch in Chicago and his main motive is to solve murder file of someone who is very hearty to him.


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