Lost Your Indian Passport in Abroad

Lost Your Indian Passport In AbroadIf you have Lost Your Indian Passport in Abroad, than here is the solution for you. Passport helps in travelling abroad as it is the only proof that gives you your identity and citizenship of your country, passport is the very important document required for one to travel abroad. Indian passport is not only the identification document but is also a travel document that allows you to enter or leave any country. Without a valid and up to date passport you can’t enter or leave any country.

Always Keep your passport carefully with you or at safe place and in case you lose your passport in foreign than without wasting time just inform the police and file a complaint. This complaint proof will help you in your further process in embassy related enquiries. Read the steps carefully and gather all the documents you can require in the case of your lost passport. Go through this page and check out 3 immediate things to do in Abroad (USA) after you Lost Your Indian Passport.

Lost Your Indian Passport in Abroad

First of all replace your passport, to get a replacement passport here in USA, you need to approach the Indian Consulate and submit an application. Remember, this procedure is time consuming. So here we have given you 3 Immediate which you should follow in this situation.

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3 Immediate Things to do in Abroad (USA)

If you have lost your passport in Abroad, then follow up these 3 steps immediately:

#Step 1: Send Information to U.S.A Government

If you have lost your Indian passport in abroad, you have to send the following information to state government office with following documents:

  • Name, date and place of birth and nationality
  • Current address and phone number
  • Photocopy of the bio-graphic page of the lost passport, if available. If not, the nationality and number of the lost passport as well as the issuance and expiration dates, if available
  • Details about when, how and the circumstances under which you have lost your passport

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#Step 2: It is advised to keep Copy of All Pages of Passport

You should keep the photocopy of each and every page of passport for the safe side. Some of the important among those are:

  • Pages containing the bio-graphic information
  • Pages containing data of entry and exit immigration stamps
  • Pages containing visas – whether valid or expired
  • Keep a copy of both sides of I-94 and give back the original while leaving the U.S., so that your departure can be recorded

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#Step 3: Applying for New passport

The procedure of applying for a lost passport is just the same as the process for Renew passport. Following documents are required:

  • Two passport size photographs
  • The police certificate (FIR) and receipt
  • Address proof (old passport photocopy if available)
  • Educational qualification certificates photocopy
  • Date of birth proof
  • Notary for loss of passport (another notary is required if applying for tatkal)
  • An urgency letter for tatkal

By following these steps you can get a new passport. This will make sure that the visa officers are aware of the condition in which you lost your passport. Read it carefully.


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