The World’s Most Expensive Streets

The World's Most Expensive StreetsIt’s a dream of every individual to explore different places especially the highly popularized streets. So, here we are presenting The World’s Most Expensive Streets throughout this page which wills surely going to impress you to explore once. Whether we talk about good shopping centers, stunning weather, mighty mountains, beaches and other excellent scenic views, the below given are highly expensive shopping streets.

Here, you will be able to find out luxury items including clothes, daily life items, designer boutiques and many more. However, we can also relate with the term highly expensive shops on the world. There is no doubts, that societies always get attracted and impressed by the luxury items present in the market, As it not only sows their status but prestige as well. Well, this is not a new experience; these streets have been in existence since numerous years.

The World’s Most Expensive Streets

  1. Pollock’s Path, The Peak, Hong Kong

The most expensive street in the world I Pollocks path which is situated on the on the most wealthiest area or we can on the mountains top where one can explore all luxury things along with the beautiful scenic views of marine. However, the real estate proceedings have been devastated in year 2011 since the sale of 10-18 paths for $103 million.

Price$120,000 per sq metre

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  1. Kensington Palace Gardens, London

Kensington Palace Gardens in London is on the next position in terms of costliest street in world. The price of this street is very high due to its ravishing things availability and it is one of the highly popularized shopping streets of London.

Price $107,000 per sq metre

  1. Fifth Avenue

Another famous street is Fifth Avenue in New York. This avenue had already maintained its position in would costliest street since few years. One can also find out multiple designer boutiques, expensive items between 49-59th avenue. If we talk about its rental price, then check out below.

Price- $3500 per sq metre

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  1. Causeway Bay

Causeway Bay Street is on the first position in terms of expensive street in Asia. The cost prices of this avenue is very high approx $2,399 which is located in Hong Kong. Apart from, shopping centers and malls, there are some outstanding hotels that are located on this avenue such as Lanson Place, the Excelsior, and The Regal etc.

Price $ 2,399 per sq metre

  1. Boulevard du Général de Gaulle, Cap Ferrat, France

Boulevard du Général de Gaulle is not only costliest street of France but in the whole world. It is situated on the cap ferrat which is very costliest location of non-urbanization. Once can easily shop every kind of items from here including daily use stuffs, lifestyle , appliances and many more things .

Price $79,000 per sq metre

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  1. Paterson Hill, Singapore

If you are planning to visit Singapore, then don’t forget to explore Paterson hill which is very much familrized for its superb restaurants and designer stores. And marq is the costliest building of this avenue. All the great material and stuff was used by the hermes to design this unit.

Price $42,500 per sq metre

  1. Romazzino Hill, Sardinia

Romazzino Hill in Sardinia is another highly expensive avenue; some major entrepreneurs and celebrities have visited here and resided in its comfy hotels 8including romazzino and cala di volpe. Besides all this, it is an absolutely a perfect place for shopping if you love to buy expensive items.

Price$32,900 per sq metre

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  1. Ostozhenka, Moscow

Ostozhenka is located in the downtown of the country Moscow. This avenue is highly famous for its high prestige and lifestyle because people are use to have comfortable living to maintain the status in the society. Moreover, its fifth level building was sold out for $ 48 million.

Price$29,000 per sq metre

  1. Avenue Montaigne, Paris

Next comes on the list is Montaigne Street in Paris which is well thought out for high style fashion including outfits, boutiques, food stuff etc. some of the famous personalities have also localized here including Christian Dior, harry Winston and Salvatore. When it comes to expensive inhabited neighborhood on the world, then this place comes first in mind.

Price $26,000 per sq metre

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  1. Knightsbridge, London

Lastly, Knightsbride Street of London is placed which is not only name of street but also signifies a tube station name. However, its prices are little bit lower if we compared it to other expensive streets. All the things can be purchased at economical prices.

Price$103,000 per square metre

We hope that our viewers will get sufficient stuff regarding the world’s most expensive streets. Stay updated with us for more information and updates.


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