Space Agencies in the World

Space Agencies in the WorldAs we know Space study is the unending process that goes on continuously by astronomers. There are various countries that claim to have a space program but only few of them are capable of Human Spaceflight. So to make you know about the Top 10 Space Agencies in the World, we’ve created this article. Those who want to check Indian ISRO Position in the top space agencies of 2017 can go through this page. Also the students can enhance their knowledge who are preparing for various competitive exams regarding what is happening beyond the earth’s atmosphere by reading these Space Agencies in World 2017. ISRO has always contributed its efforts in various space researches due to which Indian’s name is renowned all over the world. We have listed the best and largest Space Agencies in the World 2018 based on their development made per year.

Space Agencies in the World

#1. NASA – National Aeronautics and Space Administrations

National Aeronautics and Space Administration is an independent United States governmental agency that was established in 1958. All the aeronautics and aerospace research are done in this Space agency for the examination of space within and outside of Earth’s atmosphere.

HeadquartersWashington, D.C.
FormedJuly 29, 1958; 58 years ago

 #2. RosCosmos – RosCosmos State Corporation (Russia)

RosCosmos State Corporation is the government body of Russia that is responsible for the space Science. This well known Space agency was founded in 1992 and it’s headquarter is in Moscow. This includes third largest fleet of satellites including communication satellites, meteorological satellite and geological satellite. Various Space projects are been successfully completed by this agency and is one of the largest Space Agencies in the World

Established25 February 1992
HeadquartersShchepkin Street 42, Moscow

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#3. CNSA – China National Space Administration

China National Space Administration also known as CNSA is another world’s biggest Space Agency of china that was established in 1950. In earth’s orbit this space agency includes the second largest fleet of satellites. China National Space Administration will soon going to launch its new Chinese Space Station that is really something amazing.

Established22 April 1993
HeadquartersHaidian District, Beijing

#4. ISRO – Indian Space Research Organisation

Indian Space Research Organization deserves to be in the list of Top 10 Space Agencies in the World. This space agency is the government body of India with it’s headquarter in Benagaluru and was founded on 15th August 1969. ISRO ranking in the best space agency across the world is at fourth position in our list. In 1975 Indian Space Research Organisation has built India’s first satellite, Aryabhata that was launched by the Soviet Union.

Established15 August 1969
HeadquartersBengaluru, Karnataka, India

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#5. ESA – European Space Agency

Being the largest Inter-Governmental space agency in the world ESA has built its image by various successful Space Projects. This famous Space agency was has it’s headquarter is in Paris, France. With an annual budget of $5.5 billion US dollars it has launched its first satellite in 1962. The owner of this agency is 22 European States that take control over it.

Established30 May 1975; 41 years ago
HeadquartersParis, Ile-de-France, France

#6. JAXA – Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency

The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency or we can call it as JAXA, is the famous Space Agency in the World that was founded in 2003. The main motive of this agency is to see technological development, launch of satellite into orbit, moon research and many other researches that are controlled very effectively.

Established1 October 2003
HeadquartersChofu, Tokyo

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#7. CSA – Canadian Space Agency

The Canadian Space Agency is another top ranked space agency in the world 2017 that has launched various satellites to orbit and other technological research on Space. CSA is the government body of Canada that was established in 1989 with an annual budget of $360 million US dollars.

HeadquartersLongueuil, Quebec
FormedMarch 1, 1989

#8. ISA – Iran Space Agency

The Iran’s Governmental Space Agency called Iran Space Agency is the world’s biggest Space Agency. The annual proposed budget is 1,865,583 million rials. ISA was founded in 2004 with it’s headquarter in Mahadash, Shahrud, Qom. These are three famous cities of Iran.

FormedFebruary 1, 2004
HeadquartersTehran, Mahdasht, Shahrood, Qom

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#9. ISA – Israel Space Agency

The Israel Space Agency also knows as ISA was established in 1983 to research on various technical space programs. Though Israel is the smallest country but the agency has reached to many successful launches and presently has a robust satellite launch capability.

HeadquartersTel Aviv, Israel

#10. KARI – Korean Aerospace Research Institute

Korean Aerospace Research Institute is a famous space agency of Republic of Korea that was founded in 1989. KARI is engaged in developing various satellites, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, and also a next-generation multi-purpose helicopter project is developing under this agency.

EstablishedOctober 10, 1989
HeadquartersDaejeon, Republic of Korea

 So these are the Top 10 Space Agencies in the World 2017–2018 that aims at developing and launching new satellites to orbit and do various other technological research. Bookmark this page to get latest updates.

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