Top 10 Safest Cities in India

Top 10 Safest Cities in IndiaThe unexpected crime consequences force us to re-think about the security or safety of the place where we are, and we suddenly start thinking about Cities with Lower Crime Rate and Safe for Women. By studying the past record of the cities, we have derived a list of the Top 10 Safest Cities in India 2017. India is the country with a lot of diversity and a lot of tradition. It is famous for its culture, traditions, unity and festivals. But these days as we know that the chart of crimes is seen only going upstairs and terrorist attack or some rape case are increasing day by day. These Cities with Lower Crime Rate and safe for women also, are providing here on this page so please have a look!!!!

Some cities are chosen on the basis of crime criteria and safety along with cleanliness, pollution, clean water, bureaucracy, etc. by Annual Survey of India’s City Systems. According to the visitor’s virtual database, here is the average index of Top Ten Safe Cities for women here. Here every city has its own point to be consisting in this list and you have to choose the better one as per your comfort. So what are you waiting for? Check out this page and start preparing to make your dream home in dream city!!

Top 10 Safest Cities in India


Surat is at the top according to the lower crime and safety division. Surat is also ranked at the first position due to quality of life and the quality of the systems in the city. It is located on the south of Gujarat which is also known as Deccan Gujarat or Dakshin Gujarat. Surat is known as diamond capital of the globe in the world. This city has acknowledged the award named the “Best urban city of India”. This city is awarded as the “third cleanest city in India” in the year 2011 also. This city is well developed metropolis of Gujarat and its textile industry is the second largest in India and Diamond industry is the largest in the world.


On the basis of quality of life Ahmadabad placed at the third place and from the perspective safety it placed at second position. Ahmadabad is the fifth largest among all the cities in India and in terms of metropolitan areas, it is ranked 7th place. This city is known as ‘Manchester of the East’ because of the concentration of industries which make them largest manufacturers in India. This city was found as the best city in the India to live according to the survey of Times of India. The crimes, robberies and rapes are very few as compared to the other cities.

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Chennai is also known as Madras which is the third safest city in India. The nickname of this city is “Cultural capital of South India”. The Institute of Competitiveness has selected Chennai as the best city to live in India. It is the main economic, cultural, educational, and commercial center of South India. The economy of Chennai comes from automobiles, computer, hardware manufacture, technology and health care services. Chennai is the 4th most populous city and 2nd largest exporter of IT (Information Technology) and BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) services among the metropolitan areas of the country.


Mumbai is known as Bombay which is the most popular city in India and the fourth most popular city of the world. This city is also known as the wealthiest city of India which can be proved by a look at the GDP. Mumbai is the home of the largest population of Indians. The GDP of the other city of central, west or south Asia is inferior to Mumbai. The migrants from all other parts of the country are fascinated towards Mumbai because of the high standards of living, open-mindedness and business opportunities. The Bollywood or Indian cinema has its roots and its culture is followed by everyone in the country.


From the safety level Pune stands at the fifth position and in the context of the quality of life, it stands second. The educational facilities of the city are exceptionally good and it is the rationale of its fame. Pune is known as cultural capital in Maharashtra. The city houses industries manufactures glass, sugar and forging industries since the 1950s. The main industry developing in the city is the IT section. A lot of student migrants from every corner of the country as well as abroad for grabbing the job opportunities.

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Kolkata was known as Calcutta and it was the first capital of India before Delhi, during the British rule. The city sustains the same richness and is ranked 6th in terms of the safety and other quality of city systems. Among the metro cities of India, Kolkata is the 3rd most populated city in India. This West Bengal City is rich with culture and is a very nice city to live. This city is having over population but it is still safe from major crimes. In spite of the population, women are safe in the city because here they are respected a lot.


Bangalore has urbanized a lot in the past few years. The development comes at a certain cost such as pollution or population. The development in Bangalore is mainly due to higher job opportunities, advanced and modern infrastructure and better living standards. The city is the hub for Information Technology sector of India. Bangalore is the most preferred entrepreneurial locations in the whole world. This city is the 4th highest contributor to the country’s overall GDP. In safety, housing and economic environmental aspects, Bangalore is one of the most preferred cities of India.

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Hyderabad is one of most preferred tourist destinations of India. The popular monuments such as Char Minar and the cleanliness add to the beauty of the city. The state agencies of Hyderabad formed an IT SEZ, is IT Special Economic Zone. This fascinated a large number of global as well as Indian companies to start up their offices in the city. This city is an ideal place for the IT sector after Bangalore. Hyderabad is known as “India’s Pharmaceutical Capital” due to an emergence of both, biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries in the 1990s.


Jaipur is known as ‘pink city’ of India because of the color of the stone exclusively used for the construction of all the structures. The Jaipur houses a large number of monuments that reflect the kingships of the past rulers. The traditional Rajasthan can be seen in Jaipur so it is called the one of the most Popular Tourist Places in the country. Jaipur is a center for the modern industries as well as traditional ones. The Jewellery work done by the Jaipur locals have no match in the world and Jaipur is the largest exporter of all the jewels, diamonds and gold in the whole Asia.


The capital of India is not that safe as it should be and that’s why it stands on tenth position. There is a large number of population live but the crimes are more likely to occur. Political fights and arguments are the main difference between a capital city and others. All sorts of political insurrection and a lot of terrorist attacks are faced by the city in the past days. The city also has the highest number of rape cases registered in the court which makes it a little less safe for women. But overall, the city is the heart of the country.

This is the list of top 10 safe cities for women and now you have to choose the better one for you.


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