Top 10 Richest Women In India

Richest Women In IndiaThere is a brilliant democratic system in India where more than 1 billion people. And out of them 50% are females. Let’s have a look on the Top 10 Richest Women In India in 2017 who had worked so hard to reach this point. You must have heard that males are getting more employed and their population is much higher than females.

But we can prove you wrong because there are some females who due to their efforts and hard work have make its successful to be among the richest personalities. Some of the richest women entrepreneurs and some are CEO of big multinational corporations.

These ladies had achieved sues in every step but all this could be possible due to their struggle and efforts in their life. We must appreciate and salute to their hard work. Let’s not waste more time and scroll down the page to view richest females in India.

Top 10 Richest Women In India

  1. Savithri Jindal

Savithri Jindal is the richest female in India who is having 5.2 billion worth. She is the CEO of the very well known corporation Jindal Street and power ltd. Her immense efforts and struggle lead her to be among the topmost position of richest personalities. Savithri belongs to Assam and she born in upper class family on 20 March 1950.

Net Worth$5.2 Billion

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  1. Indu Jain

Another admirable name is Indu Jain who is also a CEO of a reputed firm named Bennett Coleman, most of you must be knowing about this firm ,it Is specializes in publishing newspapers including TOI economic and Hindustan times. If we talk about worldwide ranking, indu jain is positioned on 549 rank.

Net Worth$3.1 Billion

  1. Smita Crishna – Godrej

Godrej is a brilliant corporation which is highly preferred by majority of Indian consumers. All this could be possible due to Smita Crishna who is the owner of this firm. She is having a good net worth as her family also support her in financial terms. Smita brother is the owner of godrej & Boyce and her husband is also a popularized actor.

Net Worth$2.2 Billion

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  1. Leena Tewari

Leena tiwari is not only the richest female but also among the richest Indian personalities including male and females both. Leena is the chairperson of her own produced generic USV maker which is used to treat serious diseases like diabetes, cancer etc. In addition to this, she is also the writer of her grandfather biography.

Net Worth$2.2 Billion

  1. Anuradha Vinod Gupta

Anuradha Vinod Gupta is another familiar personality who is among the richest persons. She I having great amount of wealth from his business and assets. If we talk about her ranking in world, then she is lying at 1577th position.

Net Worth$1.1 Billion

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  1. Kiran Mazumdar – Shaw

Kran mazumdar- sha is considered a true image for successful women. She had placed on 6th position due to its high net worth. Kiran is from Bangalore and she is the first entrepreneur of biotech in India. Moreover, she had also originated a biotechnology firm called biocon.

Net Worth $2.2 Billion

  1. Anu Aga

One of the most popular personalities, Anu Aga is not only the CEO of a developed firm called thermax ltd but among richest females as well. Anu earned a good amount from her company which is basically an environment engineering firm. This woman had maintained a good prestige among the public also.

Net Worth$790 Million

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  1. Shobana Bhartia

Shobana Bhartia is other top female who is on the list of millionaires. She is equipped with multiple worthy assets and properties. This 60 year old women is among top powerful female’s entrepreneurs also. In addition to this, shabana is also a director and CEO of some leading newspapers.

Net Worth $ 655 Million

  1. Vidya Murkumbi

Next women could not be a successful strong lady with the support of her son. Vidya Murkumbi and son name narendra had together contributed their efforts to achieve this status and position. At present, they are having a good sugar corporation in India.

Net Worth$490 Million

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  1. Kaveri Kalanithi

Kaveri Kalanithi is among uppermost paid Indian business women. She is operating various privately owned business and also sun TV network managing director. In addition to this, kaveri also gets a good net package in million dollars.

Net Worth$11 Million

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