Reliance JIO SIM Ground Reality

Reliance Jio Sim Ground RealityReliance JIO SIM Ground Reality: Reliance Industries Ltd. owner Mr Mukesh Ambani had thrown out the much awaited JIO 4G services in India on Monday (5 September 2016). Reliance JIO SIMs, which can earlier be obtained from Reliance Digital, Xpress, JIO stores, is today offered in about 2 Lakh shops including multi-brand outlets, mobile phone shops and regular currency re-charge outlets across India.

According to the reports it was said that customers can straightly go to local Reliance Digital/ Xpress outlets or any other mobile phone shops with Aadhar card, 2 passport size photos, photo copies of valid identity proof and address proof. Then they have to fill the required CAF (Consumer Application Form) and get the SIM. And lastly they have to follow the procedure as told by the agent of Reliance JIO and the SIM will get activated. But is this really happening? The answer is a big NO……………

Reliance JIO SIM Ground Reality

But the question arises over here is why people are excited for this? Why were they waiting for this JIO 4G SIM when there are already so many service providers providing 4G services? Why? Why? Why? So many WHYS but the answer of all these  is FREE…!!! FREE…!!! FREE…!!!

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Yes IT’S FREE!! Because we have the habit that if anything is free then why to pay for it rather than we have to wait for days, months and years.

You all were wondering why I am saying all this so the reason is my survey which I had done on 6th of September in my city with Reliance stores and some of the customers who were present there for the SIM. I had done this survey because of the old saint told to me by my Granny that to know the truth go and check it yourself. Like you all I was also very excited for this Free SIM but with the excitement I had too many questions and doubts, so to clear them I took a survey.

1st Destination:

JioMy first destination was the local store which is nearby my house I am a kind of their regular customer. But what happened with me you will not believe it.

When I entered there 20 to 25 customers were standing in line I don’t believe on my eyes that how so many people are there and that also in line as most of the time there were no customer so after talking to them I got to know that they are there for the JIO SIM like me.

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As I know on the shop everyone so I called one of them and asked for the JIO SIM so he told me to join the line I rejected to join so he said I have too, without joining the line I can’t get . So I opted to join the line and then waited for 1.15 hr they wrote my name and number and told me they had registered for 11 September. I got really shocked and angry by hearing this. So I asked them how many SIMs are available they said 100. This was the second shock for me only 100.

2nd Destination:

Reliance DigitalMY second destination was reliance digital store which is in the main market of the city. Honestly I was little disappointed seeing its view, it is kind of empty because there were only 4 to 5 people registering for the SIM. While connecting with the salesman over there, he noted my name and number and given a token number. He also updated me saying to call at the store for SIM after 13 October. That means after a month.

Oh!!!!!!! I got irritated by that. But the interesting part over here is the number on the token. My token reads 51 so I assume I am at 51 positions in line. Then why such a long period to wait for? I didn’t get it but if u got it please let me know.

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3rd Destination:

Coffee BeansMY third and the last destination was a coffee shop. Yes its coffee shop. I know you all were wondering how can I do a JIO SIM survey in a coffee shop? So here is your answer, after getting irritated with the registration of JIO SIM and its dates a I decided to relax for a while by having my favorite cup of coffee there I met a 19 years old college boy with his gang of friend.

As I was alone so I decided to join them and discuss about JIO SIM and its services with them. Like all teenagers they showed their enthusiasm and started giving their opinions. But the one thing that always hit on my mind when I remember that conversation is all of them said what the problem is if they are making us wait for a month or two month they will get it free. They will be happy if they get the SIM 10 days before 31st December as then also they can use unlimited 4G internet for free. Their this sentence made my hot cappuccino into cold lemonade.

This Free has made the disaster according to me these teenagers are our country future if they will think like this what will they do in the future then. But on thinking from second side they said it correct what’s the big deal if to wait for Free. So Go and join the line…………………..

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