RBI To Introduce Rs 200 Notes

RBI To Introduce Rs 200 Notes: According to the latest reports RBI To Introduce Rs. 200 Notes which with full security Features. The decision to print Rs 200 notes has been taken by the Board of Reserve Bank of India and Narendra Modi to control the fake notes.

The report says that, the central bank has already taken a decision in this regard in a meeting last month. “The process of printing the new Rs 200 notes is likely to begin This June, once the government officially approves this new denomination,” Live Mint reported quoting sources.

RBI To Introduce Rs 200 Notes

The first look of specimen of Rs. 200 Note looks the same as other notes but there will be additional security features which will be an asset to control the fake notes which were being printed outside India.

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There were so many specimens all over the internet which are going viral. Majority of them showcases that the color of Rs 200 new notes is going to be green and also have some additional security features.

Reason For Issuing Rs 200 Currency Note

The entire exercise is being planned after large number of fake currency notes were busted post demonetization period. Government plans to check the currency notes security features which should be monitored for every 3-4 years.

 The same way, new Rs. 2000 note also has 17 security features in which 11 security features were cracked down by many fake notes and represents the same as the original note. The recent survey has shown these results of 11 cracked features.

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Here’s the first look of upcoming Rs 200 notes which has been going viral.

RBI To Introduce Rs 200 Notes

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