Procedure to Add Wife Name in Indian Passport

Procedure To Add Wife Name In Indian PassportGot Married? Want to add your wife name in Indian Passport, wanted to know the Procedure to Add Wife Name in Indian Passport? Then this is the correct place you have come, here you will get all your answers related to the procedure, documents, Adding Spouse Name & Renewal etc.

First of all to add your wife name in Indian Passport you need to reissue your passport. Yes you read it correct you need to reissue your passport.

Procedure to Add Wife Name in Indian Passport

Process for adding wife name in Indian Passport through Online mode:

  • Your first step is to register yourself with the Passport Website. For this you need to.
  • Go to Passport Seva Website and hit on” New User Register”.
  • Then select the passport office as per your present housing address and register.
  • After that, enter essential details like Name, date of birth, login ID, password, hint question, and register.
  • Remember you can also activate your account using the email you get and login as mentioned below:


  • After login, you will see an option called “Apply for Fresh Passport/Re-issue of Passport”.  Hit on that and enter details.

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Filling Application Form

There are two options to fill application form. You can choose the one you like.

  • PDF form that can be downloaded and filled offline.
  • Online form that you can fill online and submit there only.

In online forms some details are not present so it’s preferable to adopt PDF form option and also PDF form option is very detailed and clear. Either, it is same.

You will need the below details to complete the form

Present Address Details, if you are replacing or adding any information like Spouse info, add info as per document. Mainly, you will need two local reference details: Full Name, Address, phone number (mobile and landline your choice). These are the reference people from village/ city/town around your area. This is for police verification, if required.

When you select PDF form option, it’s mandatory to enter the city/ village you are living and then hit, confirm and save, than you will be asked to save the file and name it. After that you need to upload the file in the section where you downloaded the PDF form. All the information will be automatically created, you need to confirm before saving as it cannot be changed after this step. But, at the passport office you can change you, if anything is wrong.

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Pay and Book a Slot or Walk–in, Print Application Receipt

After the completion of the application you need to check the slot available, than pay for it. There is an alternative on the website home page to confirm the slots as well. Once your application is submitted you need to select it. Then follow the below steps:-

  • You will have an option on the left side, View Saved / Submitted Applications. Select the application by hitting on radio button. Then you will see the options with links to them after which you need to hit on Pay and Schedule Appointment.
  • This is the option for payment, either online or pay with challan. Generally online way is easy and suitable so if you want to pay online select Online Payment.
  • After that you have to select the Passport Service Kendra and the time slot option. By this you will be able to see the available time slots options.
  • You can select the previous one and then you have to go to the payment page from where you can select the payment option.

If you are qualified for walk-in, you can call off the prior arrangement and then carry that cancellation page, along with the payment receipt page, you will be allowed to walk-in directly during the respective hours.

Once payment is complete, you will have to print the application receipt as you have to carry it on the day of appointment. Make sure that the bar code it have is clearly printed as it has the payment confirmation info on it.

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Carry your documents

Last step is to carry all your required documents, document detail is mentioned below:-

  • Old Passport in original with self-attested photocopy of its first two and last two pages, including ECR/Non-ECR page (previously ECNR) and the page of observation (if any), made by Passport Issuing Authority and validity extension page, if any, in respect of short validity passport
  • Proof of Present Address if different from the address in the passport
  • An attested copy of marriage certificate issued by Registrar of Marriage
  • A joint affidavit from husband and wife along with a joint photograph
  • When joint affidavit is not possible the affidavit should indicate the reason for it. The change in the first name amounts to a substantial name change and the regular procedure for name change should apply.

Fees Payment

Different modes of fee payment:

  • Demand draft
  • Money order
  • Banker’s check

Processing Time

The time taken in the process depends on the factors such as:

  • The city in which application was submitted
  • The city / country where the previous / old passport was issued
  • Your current visa status, etc.

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The approximation time taken in this process does not include the time taken by the courier service in the deliver the passport. Beware that incomplete applications will lead to a delay in the processing of an application, and all applicants are requested to inform about the changes that may occur during this time.

The processing time for Consular Service applications is of one working day excluding the day of submission. Applicants can collect their documents on the third working day from the date of submission between 15:00 – 17:00 hrs.

All the relevant information required to add your wife name in an Indian Passport is provided here you just need to go through it carefully.

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