Positive and Negative Traits of Your Zodiac Sign

Every astrological sign represents a person with an array of good and bad traits. Just like a coin, life also has two phases that represents the Positive and Negative Traits of Your Zodiac Sign. So, we have summed up the characteristics, qualitiesand personality traits that are associated with your Zodiac Signwhich we can easily notice in our daily lives.

Every person is different from other and is affected by the surroundings, upbringing, education and nature. Thus, forms the base of personality. However, there are various other factors that influence our personality traits. Additionally, stars and planets also have heavy influence on our lives. So, we are providing some usual Positive and Negative Traits of Zodiac Sign. Have a look!

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Positive and Negative Traits of your Zodiac Sign


People born between “21 March to 19 April” are born with “Aries” as their Star Sign. Aries are very inquisitive and impatient in nature.  They always think out of the box and are very bossy in nature. Below given are someAries Positive And Negative Traits of their Zodiac Sign are:

Aries Positive TraitsAries Negative Personality Traits
Aries are very adventurousThey never believe others emotion and are arrogant
They love to take risksThey are the most disorganized people
Aries are Positive in nature and Energetic people. You will never get bored with themStubborn & Short tempered
Extremely optimistic and independentThey love to argue and have the power of confrontational



Those who are born between “20 April to 20 May” bears Taurus as their Star Sign. Taureans are the persons with mixed emotions who dislike changed behaviour. They are very hard-working. Some Taurus Positive And Negative Traits are given below:

Taurus Positive TraitsTaurus Negative Traits
They are helpful and generousLike Aries they are also Stubborn
Their politeness and down to earth nature make them extraordinaryThey only care about their social status, which make them materialistic
They are quiet and persistentThey can be really rude and ignorant as they are self-indulgent



Gemini’s are very versatile, hard-working and open-minded. These are the people who born between 21 May to 20 June. Some of main Gemini Positive and Negative Traitsare mentioned below.

Gemini Positive TraitsGemini Negative Traits
They easily mould themselves in every situationLess dedicated and focused
They are Adjustable and flexibleBecause of their inability to pay attention to details, people consider them Superficial
Have brilliant communications skills and are Soft-SpokenThey hardly stay dedicated and focused on one thing. They have Lack of Consistency


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People born between “21 June 22 July” hold Cancer as their Zodiac Sign. Their star sign depicts various aspects about them. They have the ability to hold the emotions and are self-centred and egoistic. Check below presented Cancer Sign Traits:

Cancer Positive TraitsCancer Negative Traits
They are Faithful, Creative and owner of Brilliant ideasThey Are Moody
Protective towards their loved onceThey are Over Emotional
They are Spontaneous as they mostly rely on their intuition when it comes to making important decisionsThey becomes Pessimistic especially when they experience failure
They always sympathize with others as they are very EmotionalThey are very Suspicious



These are the people who born between 23 July to 22 August. They are honest, loyal and have positive personality. They are very kind and helpful towards others. Some positive and negative Leo Sign Traitsare mentioned underneath:

Leo Positive TraitsLeo Negative Traits
They are very Loyal and expect others to be the sameThey are prone to jealousy as they are very Possessive
They are StraightforwardThey always fell themselves as a King or Queen which make them Dominating
They never feel dishearten with failure as they are very optimisticThey are Impatient
Leo has tons of energy that’s why leo people are very EnergeticThey are Headstrong as it takes a lot of time to convince them or to change their mind
They always be Kind and HelpfulThey are self-centred which make them Arrogant



Virgo’s very melancholic and cranky in nature. These are 23 August to 22September born. They embrace every detail and particular of life.Positive and negative Virgo Sign Characteristicsare given below:

Virgo Positive TraitsVirgo Negative Traits
They are Modest, IntelligentThey never use sugar coated words as they are very Harsh
They love to gain knowledgeThey are very Conservative
A true Virgo doesn’t believe in living in a fantasy world as they are Practical in lifeThey are Fastidious as they want everything to be perfect
Virgo’s Analytical mind will provide you with deep analysis and solve even the most complicated problemsThey always have their own opinion and are judgemental



Libra’s are charismatic, tactful who thrives on partnerships. These are the people born between 23 September to 22 October specifying various good and bad arrays. Libras are diplomatic and indecisive. Below are the most important Libra Horoscope Characteristics.

Libra Positive TraitsLibra Negative Traits
They are very RomanticThey are very superficial and get impressed by someone’s outer beauty
pleasing and CharmingProne in changing their minds as they are unreliable
A true Libra will always listen to the different points of views patientlyThey never know what’s best for them. It takes them lots of time for them to make a decision which make them indecisive
They are very DiplomaticLazy not in physical terms. They try to avoid any type of stress or emotional challenge.


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Scorpio Traits are legendary in the world of astrology. They are incredibly brave andfocused. Scorpio Personality Traits also includes mysteriousness, intensity and they love to dominate people.

Scorpions who want to knowPositive and Negative Traits of Your Zodiac Sign can go through the below given traits.

Scorpio Positive TraitsScorpio Negative Traits 
They are Focused and did not get diverted from their pathsThey love to Dominate
They are Brave, faithful and AmbitiousThey are Resentful and get hurt easily by negative treatment
Balanced with emotions as they are Passionate, but not immature and carelessPossessive in nature



Sagittarius born isoptimistic and always looks at the brighter side of things. Sagittarius Personality Traits are influenced by various aspects of life. They believe in trying new things and exploring. Main Positive and Negative Traits of Your Zodiac Sign are:

Sagittarius Positive TraitsSagittarius Negative Traits
Sagittarius are Straight forward as they believe brutal truth must be spoken at any costThey are Careless and are prone to take things for granted
You can be easily impressed by their IntellectualitySagittarius are born Impatient and Inconsistent
They are GenerousOver Confident in nature



Capricorn is the tenth sign of the zodiac. People born between the time period of 22 December – 20 January bears this astrological sign. Saturn is their ruling planet. Main Capricorn Horoscope Traits are described here. Have a look on Positive and Negative Traits of Your Zodiac Sign!

Capricorn Positive TraitsCapricorn Negative Traits
They are Practical as their facts must be taken account before a decision is madeShy by nature
They Ambitious, Mature and SensibleThey are Pessimistic as going against the odds is not something they like
They are Patient as they understand everything good takes timeStubborn



It is the eleventh astrological sign of zodiac that represents the symbol of humane and humanity. Being unpredictable is their weakest personality characters. Get to know abbot Aquarius Personality Traits through below given points.  

Aquarius Positive Traits  Aquarius Negative Traits
Friendly in nature and are famous for their ability to make a lot of friendsThey are Unpredictable
They are very IntelligentDetached with people as they believe in Live and let live
Their Creative mind will always impress youThey are Stubborn
They are Independent, both emotionally and financiallyThey are Extremist as for them no middle path exists



Pisces is the twelfth ZodiacSign. Neptune is their ruling planet, so they are known by their wisdom. They have intuitive understanding and are known to be most tolerant of all the zodiac signs. Some main Pisces Traits describing negative and positive facts are given below.

Pisces Positive TraitsPisces Negative Traits
They are Imaginative as they like to think outside the boxThey are Lazy as time doesn’t matter to them
They are very Soft HeartedIt is not hard for them to get very emotional as they are Over-sensitive
They tend to rely on their Intuition and instinctsThey are the big Escapist as they blame luck for their failure
They are Selfless and Compassionate natureThey are Pessimistic by nature


So what do you think, above given Positive and Negative Traits of Your Zodiac Sign match your good and bad arrays? Feel free to share your thoughts with us by posting your comments in below given comments box.

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