Non-Smartphone Users Can Now Use Paytm

Non-Smartphone Users Can Now Use PaytmHere is each and every detail along with stepwise guide that how Non-Smartphone Users Can Now Use Paytm and go cashless without Smartphone.

Have you ever speculated about life without money and living a cashless life?  Without carrying a physical wallet but carrying a digital wallet that is paytm toll free which is presented at your Smartphone.

It is ever ready to do a payment from a single rupee to thousands of rupee direct from your account balance to the other person account from whom you have been purchasing some goods. No you can easily Go Cashless without Smartphone.

This technology has mainly been started by paytm after been influenced by the Prime Minnister of India Narendra Modi who aims India to go cashless.

Because of the main hindrance that is there are only 41% of Smartphone users in India paytm introduced this new way through which non Smartphone users can pay the sum by calling the toll free number.

It is very easy to use this latest technology as you can do the transaction just by calling the given below toll free number and telling your Unique pin code and shopkeeper pin code and the transaction will be done within seconds.

This new technology is quite effective way for the development and growth of India as it is also helpful in solving the problems related with black money, theft and terrorism. Given below is the stepwise guide on how to use it.

Non-Smartphone Users Can Now Use Paytm

Currently millions of merchants across India accept paytm from petrol pumps to groceries to chemists to taxi drivers to mobile recharges and there’s a long list ahead. So here are the steps how can you go cashless without a Smartphone.

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Toll Free Number1800-1800-1234

  • The first step is you and merchant need to be registered with your mobile number on the Paytm for this service.
  • After registering you have to set a four digit password which will be the pincode you need at the time for payment. This password can be changed if forgot.
  • Now to transfer the sum you have to dial the toll free number 1800-1800-1234 and enter your four digit pin and merchants four digit pin and select the amount and transfer the money.
  • Wohooo! You have made the payment without a Smartphone and has encouraged and is part of Digital India.

Views Of Nitin Sharma Vice President Of Paytm On The Newly Launched Service

“We are committed to enabling more and more Indians to be able to transact digitally. The launch of our new toll free payment number is another significant step in that direction. This will allow even non-smartphone users across India go cashless,” said Nitin Misra, senior vice-president, Paytm.

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Non-Smartphone Users Can Now Use Paytm

See How Fast Paytm Fever Is Going On

#1. At Street Food Vendors


#2. At Street


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#3. At Petrol Pumps


#4. At Vegetable Store


#5. At Daily Needs Grocery Shop


This is one of the steps initiated by paytm for making country go cashless and reducing all unfair practices that acts as a hindrance for making India a developed country. Register on this new service as soon as possible as you have been updated with the latest news and also share this knowledge with your friends and family.

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