Newegg Customer Service Phone Number

Newegg Customer Service Phone is an online retailer of computer hardware and software which solves many cases of customer accusations and queries through Newegg Customer Service Phone Number. You can contact Newegg Customer Phone Number through many methods and process. Customers can do live chat with, a best support or send mails through Customer Care Email Address to solve doubts and queries.

Newegg Customer Service Phone Number & Address

Address Website Toll Free Number, P.O. Box 105658 Atlanta, GA 30348-5658www.newegg.com888-609-0794,


Newegg Inc. was founded by Fred Chang in 2001, and it is based in the City of Industry, in California, United States of America. Newegg is Computers, Computer hardware, Computer software, Consumer electronics and Consumer (final) goods industry which received various awards including Computer Shopper Shoppers’ Choice Awards & Best of the Web. It was ranked in top 10 retailers by internet retailer magazine. NewEgg has launched a new forum named as which is helps NewEgg customers with technical support in any kind of problem.

Newegg Customer Service Phone Number:

  • 888-609-0794
  • 1-800-390-1119
  • 800-390-1119

Newegg Online Links:

  • com — principal site, for customers in the United States
  • ca — for customers in Canada.
  • cn — for customers in China
  • — for customers in Taiwan
  • com — for SMBs, corporations, resellers, government institutions (federal, state, local) and non-profit organizations (tax ID required). For United States customers.
  • com — Newegg’s “deal of the day” website for customers in the United States
  • com — sister website of which offers mainly computer products
  • com — Newegg’s IT systems integrator brand
  • com — Newegg’s computer peripheral brand
  • com — Newegg’s automotive product brand
  • GameCrate – Video Game Reviews, News and Trailers. Launched by NewEgg in March 2014.

It offers a wide range of products according to the needs of users. List of some of the products are listed here.

  • Computer Hardware
  • Software
  • Peripherals
  • Gaming
  • Electronics
  • Accessories
  • DVDs
  • Housewares
  • Appliances
  • Tools
  • Furniture
  • Office Products and more

Newegg serves customers by offering various services such as no cost of shipping. It also refunds the amount of defective items & there is no extra charge for exchanging any product.  It has its warehouses in United States, Canada, china (Shanghai), California, Tennessee, and New Jersey. It has its slogan of “Once You Know, you NewEgg”.

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