Necessary Tech Gadgets For Every College Student

Necessary Tech Gadgets For Every College StudentWith the admission process on stride, students have to gear up for their new college life ahead. While buying clothes and other necessities for your college or hostel there are some Necessary Tech Gadgets For Every College Student too that will help in making your college life much smooth.

We have compiled up a must have list of cool gadgets for every hostel student and college students. The gadgets included in the list will surely make your work done. Students look for the cheapest alternative to get the work done. Surely, quality matters but sometimes price even matters more due to a strict budget. And in that budget there’s nothing like finding a Jugaad. Yes so come on let’s jump on to the underneath section of the page to know more about the coolest gadgets you can have at your college.

Necessary Tech Gadgets For Every College Student

#1. Smartphone

This necessity took a 1st place in our list of cool gadgets for all the hostellers and college going student because one just can’t imagine a life without a Smartphone. There is a wide variety of Smartphone’s available in the market if you on want to spend a fat amount.

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#2. Earphones

Because many mid range Smartphone’s does not come with a earphones with it so you should also sped some penny on buying earphones. You can go for budget earphone as earphones does not have a long life. You can also go for Bluetooth earphones and sweat proof earphones if you are a fitness freak.

#3. Power Bank

Power bank is the most important gadget to rescue all your electrical gadgets. Your phone can run out of battery anytime or your chargeable earphones. Therefore power bank will be only your rescuer. You can buy a normal power bank around Rs 1000 of 10,000 mAh- 15,000 mAh.

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#4. Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Portable Bluetooth will be the best option which will make you groove at your college and hostels pajama parties. The parties without prior information and sudden plans will become more exciting with the help of the portable speakers. Portable speakers are “Chota Packet Bada Dhamal”. You can buy a good portable speaker from a starting range of Rs 2000.

#5. External Hard Drive

Back up your work, back up your files, back up your photos, should anything happen to your computer external hard drive will be helpful. Out of storage? External hard drive will help you. You can opt for a affordable hard drive which can also be used with the mobile devices.

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#6. Color Changing Smart Bulb With Bluetooth Speaker

Simple bulbs are too main stream. So what about the color changing smart bulb with a Bluetooth speaker in it? It’s a pro pack seriously. You can control the functions of that smart bulb just with a click on your Smartphone. These bulbs will surely make your mood boost after the boring lectures and will be perfect for all occasions.

#7. Laptop Lock Cable

The day you bought your new shinier laptop you wouldn’t be as happy on other days. What if your hard earned laptop got stolen (getting on the knees and requesting parents to make you buy a laptop). This situation will come never ever if you have a laptop lock cable. Yes laptop lock cable is a new gadget which helps to save your laptop from the theft.

So folks this was all about the latest tech gadgets that will help you throughout your college life. You can look out for these gadgets

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