Top 10 Most Famous Churches in India

Top 10 Most Famous Churches in IndiaChristianity is 3rd largest religion in India with approximately 27.8 million followers. If you want to spent your Christmas on the best Indian religious site then feast your eyes on these Top 10 Most Famous Churches in India. These are the most popular and also churches in India. You can plan your trip to these churches and sip a wine with the taste of history and mind-blowing architecture.

Christianity was established way back in 6th Century AD in India and now holds a majority of the third largest religion after Hinduism and Islam. As the religion flourished over the years many beautiful churches were also built.  As a traveler, you can explore any of these churches that are the closest to you. They are decked up in lights, candles are burnt, the god looks approachable, stars sparkle and carols ring true. Take a look at the Top 10 Most Famous Churches in India.

Top 10 Most Famous Churches in India

#1. Basilica of Bom Jesus, Goa

Basilica of Bom Jesus is amongst the one of the most famous churches in India. The church is 300 years old and the church holds remains of St. Francis Xavier. This church is the example of the utmost beauty and mind blowing architecture. This is also one of the most common places visited by the tourists who visit Goa.

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#2. Santa Cruz Basilica, Kerala

Santa Cruz Basilica is situated at Fort Kochi Kerala. This church was established in 1505 by Francisco de Almeida. This church has seen spared demolitions many times in the history.  This church is also one of the heritage site of the country. This church is imparted with some beautiful walls and sceneries that ahs been painted the Italian painters.

#3. Reis Magos Church, Goa

Reis Magos Church is situated in North Goa and was established in 1555. The church is situated on the banks of Mandovi River. This church is white themed and retains the memories of the rule of ancient Portuguese dominance.  The church depicts about the Three Wise Men (Reis Magos) who came with gifts to see baby Jesus.

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#4.  St. Francis Church, Kerala

St. Francis Church was established in 1503 and is the oldest European church in India. The church has witnessed a major struggles and tensions. This site was also served as burial place of Vasco Da Gama who died in Kochi in 1524. His remains after 14 years were on moved to Lisbon.

#5. Velankanni Church, Tamil Nadu

Velankanni Church is located in the small town of Velankanni in Tamil Nadu, This church is one of the most famous churches throughout the nation. In this church mother Mary is adorned in a traditional Indian saree. Velankanni Church is also one of the biggest catholic pilgrimage sites in India.

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#6. Se Catherine Church, Goa

Se Cathedral is the most imposing of all the churches at Old Goa, its vaulted interior overwhelming visitors with its sheer grandeur. The church ws build to cheer the victory of Afonso Albuquerque. Church’s interior, artwork and paintings is the must see.

#7. San Thome Basilica, Tamil Nadu

San Thome Basilica is located at Santhome, Chennai, Tamil Nadu and was built in the 16th century. This church was renovated in 1893.The cathedral stand 201 feet tall and signifies the beauty of this church. The interior of this church is adorned with the world class painting and frescoes.

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#8. St. Paul Cathedral, West Bengal

St. Paul’s Cathedral of Kolkata was also the first cathedral built in overseas territory. This Cathedral is largest cathedral in Kolkata and noted for its Gothic architecture. This church is amongst one of the most beautiful churches in India. This church was built in 1847 and is the first Episcopal church in Asia.

#9. Cathedral Of The Sacred Heart, Delhi

Cathedral of the Sacred Heart, Delhi is a Roman Catholic cathedral. This church has one of the oldest church buildings in Delhi. Christian religious services are held here throughout the year. The area is quite vast and is of 14 acres and also consists of two schools with it.

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#10. Christ Church, Shimla

Christ Church, which is situated in the centre of the town of Shimla is believed to be the second oldest church in North India. This sacred church is the main landmark of Shimla that reflects the beauty of British era architecture. The prayers are chanted in this church in both Hindi and English. This church is well maintained and the beauty of the church is incomparable.

so folks this was the list of top 10 most famous churches in India and most popular & old churches in India that you must see.


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