Most Expensive Houses In India

Most Expensive Houses In IndiaIndian billionaires and industrialist tycoons live a lavish lifestyle and it reflects in the real estate they own, especially their private houses or residential properties. Have a look on Most Expensive Houses In India if you think that Antilia is the only most expensive and costliest residential home in India.

The list will make you think again that how much money was drained while the construction of these tycoons dreams homes. Many people argue on the money spend on build of these luxurious homes. But who are we to argue? World’s best Architecture, Internal designs, top most landscape and exclusive amenities. Here is the list of Most Expensive Houses in India in 2017.

Most Expensive Houses In India

#1. Mukesh Ambani Residence, Antila, Mumbai

ValueRs 10,000 Crore

Antilia is a private residential property of Mukesh Ambani which is chairman of Reliance Industries. Antilia is a 27 storey building which was constructed by Australia-based Company Leighton Holdings. The 4,00,000 square feet of Antilia is located at Mumbai, Altamount Road.  The house is so beautifully build and has so many features that to maintain all 500 people are needed.

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#2. Anil Ambani Residence, Abode, Mumbai

Value Rs 5,000 Crore

Anil’s Ambani’s new home Adobe is currently under construction abnd I said to be one of the most expensive homes in India. Adobe I situated in Pali Hills, Mumbai. The 17 storey building was planned to be 150 meter high but later on it was cut down to 66 meters by authorities. After completion of construction of this home The Ambani Brothers will own the worlds costliest homes.

#3. Shahrukh Khan Residence, Mannat, Mumbai

ValueRs 125 Crore – 150 Crore

Mannat is a dream home of king of the Bollywood Shah Rukh Khan. Mannat is also considered amongst one of the most expensive homes in India. Mannat is a six storey building situated at Bandra in Mumbai. The building beautifully faces sea side and consists of all latest and luxury facilities you could think of.

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#4. Ratan Tata Residence, Colaba, Mumbai

Value – 130 Crore

Ratan Tata is one of the richest businessmen in India and owns a colossal house named as Cabins at Colaba. This house faces sea and is situated at Colaba region, Mumbai. This house is around 13,350 square feet and estimated value of this house is around Rs 130 crores. This heritage building occupies area of over 3- acres.

#5. Naveen Jindal Residence, Delhi

Value Rs 125 Crore – 150 Crore

Naveen Jindal Residence is the next on our list as this beauty is priced at Rs 125-Rs150 Crores. It has always been one of the most renowned mansions. This mansion is located at the expensive Leafy Lutyens Bungalow Zone in Delhi.

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#6. Gautam Singhania Residence, JK House, Mumbai

ValueRs 200 Crore

Gautam Singhania is a Chairman and managing director of Raymond Group. Once constructed, JK House of Gautam Singhania will be known as the second tallest building as it will be 145 meter high and will contend antilia. The building will be equipped with all the luxurious amenities a billionaire home should have.

#7. White House in the Sky, Vijay Mallya

ValueRs 120 Crore – 130 Crore

This monumental penthouse White House in the Sky is owned by Vijay Mallya and is located in UB City’s Kingfisher Towers, Bangalore. Vijay Mallya is the proprietor of Kingfisher Airlines. This house has al luxurious features like spa, a salon, outdoor and indoor swimming pools, a wine bar, and a helipad. This opulent living quarter is spread over an area of 40,000 square feet and also contains private foyers and elevators for the servants of the house.

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#8. NCPA Apartments, Mumbai

Value  Rs 29 crore – 35 crore

A 4BHK apartment in this building will cost you 29 crore – 35 crore Rs. NCPA Apartments is situated at Nariman point, one of the most expensive area in world. This apartment is one of the 10 most expensive homes in India.

#9. Shashi Ruia And Ravi Ruia Bungaow, Delhi

ValueRs 100 Crore – 110 Crore

Essar Chairman and Vice chairman Ravi Ruia also owns a lavish Bungalow. This bungalow is situated in Delhi and includes all luxury that can satisfy a billionaire. The cost of this bungalow is estimated to be 100 crores. The feature of this bungalow is enough to make its position in the list.

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#10. Rana Kapoor’s House, Mumbai

ValueRs 100 Crore

Rana Kapoor is CEO of Yes Bank. Rana Kapoor bought a new building at tony Altamount road Mumbai. The total worth of this house is about 100 Crore. This building is full of all features but Mr. Kapoor has planned to turn building to new residence. This is last in the list of Top 10 expensive homes in India.

This was the list of Most Expensive Houses in India. Stay tuned for more related updates and share your vies in the comment section listed below.


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