Most Expensive Cities in India

Most Expensive Cities in IndiaIn the last few decades India has advanced so much that now India is counted amongst top three probable countries that are going to have strongest economies in next 20 years. Most Expensive Cities in India and costliest places in India got a big hand behind such development of India because of many reasons.

Every year millions of people move to these cities because they are able to spend money in these cities and can live in the lifestyle they want. These cities are meant for mostly upper class Indians whom are ambitious, have good job and money to spend.

Using various frameworks like accommodation cost, food, transport, food, healthcare and others we have prepared the list of most expensive cities in India 2017. These cities have many IT centers which provides the employment to a large number of employees. Let’s move on to check out the list of most expensive cities of India.

Most Expensive Cities in India

#1. Mumbai

Mumbai is the financial capital of the country and the home of Bollywood. Mumbai ranks top in the list of most expensive cities in India because of cost of living in Mumbai is more than cities like Frankfurt and seattle. The city has many opportunities and thus people from different parts of the country come to this city for finding the new job. Cost Of Living in Mumbai is $338.65 – $1197.43.

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#2. Delhi

Delhi the capital of India ranks 2md in the list of most costly places in India because Delhi is most populated place in Northern Territory. Delhi is also a hub for telecommunication companies, MNC’s, hotels, hospitals and manufacturing industries. It is the most entertaining city of the country. Cost of living in Delhi is $340.71 – $1176.03.

#3. Bangalore

Bangalore the capital of Karnataka ranks 3rd on the list because most of the international firms offices are based out here and many educational and research offices are also based out here. Bangalore is also amongst the fastest growing cities in India. There are many good colleges in the city and thus if you want to can get the admission in those colleges. Cost Of Living in Bangalore is $307.44-$1104.14.

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#4. Pune

Pune is the house to some of the best Indian educational institutes and colleges. Pune has also attracted many foreign investors to invest there. Pune is also counted amongst the cities that provide better standards of living than most of cities in India. It is the largest metropolitan city and it is the second largest city in Maharashtra. Cost Of Living in Pune is $301.09 – $1074.33.

#5. Kolkata

The capital of West Bengal is ranked on the 5th in the list of most expensive cities in India. Kolkata is not so expensive but it is famous for big IT companies. People from nearby cities come here in the search of Jobs. The cost of living in the city is comparatively, low but it is a very famous city as it has the companies like BATA India, ITC and Birla. Cost Of Living in Kolkata is $300.67 – $1055.97.

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#6. Chennai

Chennai is South Indian Coastal located in Bay Of Bengal and many automobiles are set up there. Chennai is also amongst one of the safest cities because of the literate people and lower crime rates. It is known as the home for 24 best known companies. Thus the city is very famous for all these facilities. Cost Of living in Chennai is $300.67-$1055.97.

#7. Chandigarh

Chandigarh “The City Beautiful” is one of the perfect city with the combination of modernization, culture, architecture and Chandigarh is continuously also ranked as one of the cleanest cities in India. It is the unique destination of the two states Punjab and Haryana. The city is well organized and if you want to stay nearby Punjab and Haryana it is the best city. Cost Of living in Chandigarh is $300.67- $1055.97

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This was the list of most expensive cities in India 2017. Our list mainly comprises of metropolitan cities because these are the real hotspots for the growth and development. Write down your views in the comment box to share it with us.

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