Top 10 Most Endangered Wild Animals of India

Top 10 Most Endangered Wild Animals of IndiaIndia is the country which is known for wildlife national parks and sanctuaries which comprises of Top 10 Most Endangered Wild Animals Of India. There are still some of the beautiful and attractive species present in the country and all the credit goes to the national parks and sanctuaries who had given a place to conserve them.

Some of the main endangered species present in India comprises of snow leopard, purple frog, Ganges dolphin, Bengal tiger, king cobra and many more. Some best endangered wild animals have been discussed throughout this page. Undoubtedly, explore theirs wildlife beauty will give a thrilling experience to you all.

Also, there are some creatures that are near about the time of extinction, so it’s better to explore them before they get exhausted. It is strongly expected that utmost care and steps have been taken by the parks and sanctuaries to conserve these creatures properly and safely. Let’s check out the most endangered wild animals of India below.

Top 10 Most Endangered Wild Animals of India

  1. Snow Leopard

Snow leopard is the most vulnerable creature in India; it is a kind of cat which is hardly seen by majority of the people. It’s just that this great privilege to explore this endangered species is not granted to every individual. This creature basically founds in the rocky and hilly area and near about 300-600 snow leopard are there in hemis national park.

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  1. Indian Tiger

Indian tiger is also called as Bengal tiger which is another best endangered species of India. They are found in Bangladesh, Nepal and Bhutan in greenery area at high altitude. Also, there bones of the body are utilized fro making wine.

  1. Gharial

Gharial is one the significant and highly recognized engendered species of India. It is having a good strength of 235. Or we can also say, crocodile still exists in the country and gharial is among the largest one in the whole world. They are used to have sharp and strong teeth which have a power to kill anyone in few minutes.

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  1. Ganges Dolphin

Next endangered species of India is Ganges dolphin who is known to be the catacea family member. Its family comprises of all marine species including fishes and whales. The name of this animal is stated as Ganges dolphin because they are mainly found in river of Ganga as well as Brahmaputra.

  1. Red Panda

The name of this creature must be familiar to you all. It is also called as red cat bear which is originated in eastern part of Himalayas. However, its strength is getting decreases rapidly due to deforestation, loss of habitat and poaching. In cities like Sikkim and Andhra Pradesh, red panda are found.

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  1. Elvira Rat

Elvira rat belongs from the rodent family and basically founds in the Tamil nadu. They are very attractive in appearance with brown color of upper body and whitish grey of inner part. We can they are among the cutest species present in India. Their tail is multicolor and strong enough so that they can roam here and there.

  1. Indian Rhinoceros

Indian Rhinoceros is another scarce wild animal of India which is highly vulnerable known for its big horns. They are having more than 70 % of strength in Assam, kaziranga national park. Apart from this, this one big horned species are also originated in jaldapura, jaldapara etc.

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  1. The Nilgiri Tahr

Next on the list is the nilgiri tiger that are found in the hills of nilgiri mainly. They seem like a goats having blue color horns and courses fur in the body. Moreover, they are also spotted at some other places including Annamalai hills, periyar and eravikulum national park.

  1. Pondicherry Shark

Pondicherry Shark is one of the rarest and significant animals of India. They are having gray color and very small in size. But they have a tendency to grow till 4ft and have sharp upper teeth and can be proved dangerous also sometimes.

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  1. Kashmir Red Stag (Hangul)

The last but not the least endangered animal is Kashmir red stag which are known for their unique beauty and attractions. They are spotted at Jammu and Kashmir and also in national park of dachigarm in himachal Pradesh.

We hope that viewers will find this information regarding Top 10 Most Endangered Wild Animals of India very interesting. Stay updated with us for more updates and facts.


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