Lists of Ration Cards| All Ration Cards List in UP/Odisha/Bihar & Kerala

Lists of Ration Cards| All Ration Cards List in UP/Odisha/Bihar & Kerala

Lists of Ration Cards

An overwhelming notification has been released by the authority for the above poverty line categories as well as below poverty line people. We have provided Lists of Ration Cards for better assistance of people. Now there is online facility also available for the people to apply for ration cards. Some significant details regarding all ration cards list in UP/Odisha/Bihar& Kerala are given in this page. Ration cards is extremely important credentials especially for old and below poverty line people from whom they are able to get some subsidiaries on food and other commodities.

However, the ration provides to the people in from of wheat, rice etc based on new priority and non-priority people. The gram pradhan is responsible for the weight of ration provide to people. Ration card is the most essential document considered by Indian families, it has complete information regarding beneficiary details, family details, age and photo in prescribed form. Government offers multiple schemes to those who apply for ration cards. So, everyone must apply for ration card to attain its subsidiaries benefits.

Lists of Ration Cards

  Ration Cards List in UP

The Uttar Pradesh government announced a new ration card list in 2017 according to every district/village. The authority provide subsidiaries to the people on basis of BPL (below poverty line) and APL (above poverty line) categories. According to the norms and policies of government, every citizen of UP must pay some prescribe fee to get certification. The prescribed fee is 20 RS and its need to be submitted in the specific district office. Even you can also verify your name by visiting official website of the UP food and civil supplies division.

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Ration Card List In Bihar

The state government of Bihar is also offering multiple facilities and subsidies program to the civilian of Bihar who is having ration cards. And it is mandatory for all citizens of Bihar to comprise ration cards because it is the most significant identity proof and in many other fields. the Bihar food and civil division is major responsible for providing ration such as flour, pulses, oil at cheap rates .The citizens belonging to APL and BPL households can easily visit to the nearest depot to get ration. There are some significant documents that are required to execute this document. The original and contemplate copies of adhaar card, voter Id, annual income of all family members, passport sized photograph of family`s head, gas connection number and bank details.

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Ration Card List In Odisha

The new ration list has been issued by the central/state government of Odisha for its applicants. The citizens of Odisha will get a great opportunity to get subsidiaries on essential commodities like oil, sugar, rice, wheat etc at low prices. The official website of Odisha food and civil supplies division has provide various amenities to ration card holders. You can check its official website to gain more information. The eligibility to apply for ration card –

  • The most significant thing is that eligibility will depend upon the annual income of whole family. According to this, APL, BPL cards will be allotted.
  • below poverty line ration cards will be given to people who have less than 10,000 RS income
  • Civilians who failed in category APL will get APL ration cards.
  • Antyodaya cards will be given to the poorest person of the family.

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Ration Card in Kerala

Kerala is the place where majority of its citizens depends upon food subsidiaries by government. The food and civil supplies department has issued new ration cards for its civilians in 2017and the most important thing is that a new list for priority and non-priority has been made by the authority. The new ration cards will be allotted to Kerala citizens on the foundation of a new act-national food security. The citizens will be divided in two categories APL and BPL. Beneath the new priority list, around 1.54 cr are there who are eligible to purchase commodities at less prices mentioned by the central administration. The candidates who have applied for new ration card can check the priority list by visiting its official website also.

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Ration Card Telangana

A great step had been taken by the telangana government to provide food subsidies o its people. It has also provided the facility for its civilians to check their ration card status online. It provides three types of ration cards to its civilians white for above poverty line and pink for the citizens falling under category Antyodaya Anna Yojana .The prime aim of state authority to issue new ration card list if to offer better assistance to its people in from of low price commodities. Another beneficial thing is citizens of this state can download the ration card list online from its official website.

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Ration Card Types

The central/state government issued three type of ration card on basis of income of people. These are described as-

# APLAbove poverty line cards will be published for those citizens who have income above 10,000 .No matter how much income is earned. Individuals who fall under this category can apply for ration cards

# BPL Below poverty line cards will be broadcasted to those people who have income lower than BPL. Citizens whose family income is much less than 10,000 are eligible under this category. But remember, the income may vary from district to district. Below poverty line cards are commonly blue in color.

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# ARCAntyodaya Ration Card are allotted to the poorest family member who have inappropriate annual income like unemployed citizens, workers, old females fall under this  class. An individual who is very aged having above 65 years of age can apply for antyodaya cards for ration. It is basically yellow in color.

However, ration card is very valuable document fro civilians of India. It aids people to save their money with acquisition of essential goods at fewer prices. Now-days, it has become a significant tool of recognition. Like it’s necessary to have before applying any other documents such as domicile certificate, passport, aadhar card etc.

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