Largest Arms Importing Countries In The World

Largest Arms Importing Countries In The WorldDue to economic growth, territorial disputes and political alignments, countries are rapidly importing weapons. Let’s check out the Largest Arms Importing Countries In The World. Most of the importing countries import arms from developed and powerful countries. Biggest Arm Importer Nations are raising their power in the world. In the list, top five largest arms importers include some of the well known countries like India, Saudi Arabia, China, United Arab Emirates and Australia.

The exporting countries have gained expertise in machining high-tech weapons that can easily knock-down the opponents. The arms market involves the manufacture, buying & selling and licensing of military equipment, weapons and facilities like armored vehicles, military ships, small arms, ammunition and military aircraft. India is ranked at the first place for importing major proportion of weapons in the world. To fetch more details regarding Largest Arms Importing Countries in the World just go through the underneath section.

Largest Arms Importing Countries In The World

#1. India

In recent years, India has experienced tremendous economic growth. This has accelerated its capacity of importing arms and hence, is the world’s largest importer of weapons taking up 14% of the world’s imports. If we talk about the last three years, India has imported weapons worth14 billion dollars. India is securing itself from the neighbor countries; China & Pakistan.

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#2. Saudi Arabia

In the year 2014, most of neighbor countries of Saudi Arabia were involved in the war. Recent conflicts have increased tension between Saudi Arabia, Syria, Iraq, and Yemen. This has resulted in increasing the stock of weapons in Saudi. The country is the importer of 7% of the world’s arms. The state has spent 9.8 billion dollars on arms. The US, the UK and France are exporting the weapons to this country.

#3. China

China is ranked at the third place under the list of Largest Arms Importing Countries in the World. The country imports weapons around 4.70 % of the global market. Due to the expansion of China’s local industry in military capabilities, the country depends mostly on other countries to fulfill its demand of machinery such as large aircraft, submarines and engines. China spent approximately 2.6 billion dollar on arms. Russia and the US are supplying major proportion of arms to this country.

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#4. United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates is amongst the largest importer of weapons in the world, taking 4.6% of world total imports. The UAE mostly import weaponry like aircraft and missiles from the US and France. United Arab Emirates has increased the military defense budget and has spent around, 3.13 billion dollars to import arms. United Arab Emirates is an oil rich country and is also recognized as one of the Biggest Arm Importer Nations.

#5. Australia

Australia is another largest arms importer taking 3.6% of world total imports. Australia is spending on arms imports and military equipment like submarines, fighter jets, frigates and armored vehicles. It is estimated that around 68% of Australia’s total arms imports were from the US, where Spain has contributed to 16%.

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#6. Turkey

Turkey imports weapons around 3.4% of the global market, making it one of the Largest Arms Importing Countries in the World. Turkey mainly imports from the United States. , According to the research, Turkey accounted for 3.4 percent of global arms imports. Turkey’s weapon imports rose to 1.3 billion dollar.

#7. Pakistan

Pakistan is ranked at the seventh place under the list of Biggest Arm Importer Nations in the World. The country imports weapons around 3.4% of the global market. Pakistan spent 735 million dollar on arms imports in the year 2015. The country buys weapons majorly from China, accounting for 35 per cent of total arms, followed by Bangladesh and Myanmar.

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#8. Vietnam

Vietnam is the importer of weapons accounting to 2.9% of world total imports. Vietnam is spending enormous amount on buying these deadly weapons. Well, this country is doing too many stuff to protect its territories from neighbor countries. Vietnam’s growing military muscle shows the rapid growth of its arm forces.

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