Indian Govt could Unlock Any of your Phone

Indian Govt could Unlock Any of your PhoneLocking our phones with Pin and Patters are mostly done by all of us to safeguard our phones data. But did you know that now Indian Govt could Unlock Any of your Phone with this technology.  The technology, which is being buyed from Cellebrite, an Israeli company that was sought out by US’ Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for unlocking a terrorist’s iPhone. Yes know the Privacy risk is there as the Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL), the country’s premier forensic institute located in Gandhinagar, will be buying the technology. According to the reports, the digital forensics company has worked with major intelligence and law enforcement agencies around the world.

The Indian Government is buying this technology to minimize the investigation time in crucial cases. As most of the times police department find locked phones at suspected places, and they are using long procedures to get data from the device. But with this supersonic technology the data can be found in short span of time.

Indian Govt could Unlock Any of your Phone

                               FSL Official Statement

There is also a question that came into your mind while reading this article that “Is India buyed the technology or are going to buy?” So the answer is here, in an interview a Senior FSL official said “We are likely to have the technology within a month or so. India will become a global hub for cases where law enforcement is unable to break into phones”. Also there are some other statements also by FSL officials, the official said “devices such as iPhones with operating systems iOS 8 and above are virtually impossible to break into without this technology”. Another FSL official said “the laboratory had sought help from the Israeli firm for a few cases but now the “entire tool” will be obtained”.

Indian Govt could Unlock Any of your Phone

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And not to forget that only FSL Gandhinagar will have this technology and other forensic institutes will be entertained it at a fee. All in all we can say that soon the law enforcement agencies in India including the Indian Government would be able to unlock any Smartphone prior to investigation. And this could only be possible possible by a technology that the Forensic Science Laboratory to buy from an Israeli security company Cellebrite.

Indian Govt could Unlock Any of your Phone

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