How to Write a Complaint Email to Customer Service

Having a problem with the product and service is frustrating. So, it’s the duty of customers to convey their issues to customer care representatives of company. Thus, for your concern we have provided step-by-step guide on How to Write a Complaint Email to Customer Service with Example and Steps.

There are various ways through which you can lodge complaint to the customer care department such as through Call, Live Chat and Social Media Support. But sending Complaint Email about Service is important as it keeps your complaint on record. So, it is essential to discover How To Write A Complaint Email To A Company.

How to Write a Complaint Email to Customer Service

A complaint e-mail is a request for the adjustment sent by an individual to make a complaint regarding a product, service, person or any other instance. Complaint e-mail can be for personal purpose or for official purpose.

Complaint email writing styles may differ from person to person and depends on the situation. So, we have specified some simple steps with examples on How to Write a Complaint Email to Customer Service that will help you in writing Complaint Email.

Complaints and Its Types

There are various kinds of complaint emails and their types:

Personal Complaint E-mail

Service Complaint Email: The service complaint email is an e-mail which occurs when any individual/customer is not satisfied with the service which has been provided by any individual or organization.

Product Complaint Email: A Product complaint email is an e-mail in which a consumer/buyer submits the statement that he/she is not happy with the quality of assured product.

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Professional Complaint E-mail

Bank Complaint Email: Bank complaint e-mail is a type of complaint email that is written to make objection against the bank or its services provided by employees.

Steps on How to Write a Complaint Email About Customer Service

Writing a complaint e-mail should be an easy task, you should not make it complicated. All you need to do is request for an adjustment politely it will be beneficial to both company and for consumer also. These are some steps on How to Write a Complaint Email/How to Write a Complaint Email to Customer Service.

#1 Address Your E-mail To the Specific Department Concisely

While writing a complaint email, firstly search out the specific customer support E-mail of that company and then start writing E-mail concisely. Always keep in mind that the persons checking mails are humans who need and deserve self-respect.

If you will give them respect then only you will get back. If you follow this, your problem will be resolved in no time. When you will search for an E-mail of a company or try to find out the name of the manager or customer grievances and start your e-mail with due respect Mr./Mrs./Miss name and surname.

If you cannot find out the name then check the labelling/sticker on the packaging and there will be a name and email address. This is the most important and foremost step in How to Write a Complaint Email to Customer Service.

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#2 Write Meaningful And Exact Subject – Quickly Get To A Point

The subject of the E-mail must be appropriate to the problem for which you are writing e-mail to customer service department. Try to add facts like details about product, serial number, date at which you bought it and from where you bought it.

Subject of e-mail should be clear so that the person reading it will easily identify the problem and take action against it (Do not write a long paragraphs).

After writing the name/Dear Sir quickly get to the point:


Dear Sir/Mam

I recently bought a gaming console from_____ city on ___Date after two days it stopped working I am disappointed and now console is completely useless. Please help me in replacing the product with the new one as the product is in warranty.

#3 Do Not Forget to Mention the Outcome or Remedy That Will Satisfy You

If you want a quick solution about your problem do not forget to mention the outcome or remedy that will satisfy you. If you want to get your product repaired, replaced, or any other form of compensation, then do not forget to mention the type of compensation.

This will help in saving time because you will not get the reverted mails and this is the most important step in the guide of How to Write a Complaint Email to Customer Service.

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#4 Attach Pictures of the Product With the Bill as a Proof

It is important to attach documents related to the product that specifies the problem that you are trying to convey to Customer Service Department. Make sure that the pictures of the product and its documents should be appropriate.

You can include the product pictures, batch number, bill, barcode or any other document related to that product that serves as a proof.

#5 Give CS Department a time limit to solve the problem and Finish the E-mail Respectfully

It is helpful to provide a time limit, by providing time limit your complaint will be remembered and must be resolved shortly. Do not give irrelevant time period. A problem always needs time for resolution. A week or more will be sufficient time.

Thanks them for reading the complaint and sign off the e-mail sincerely by writing yours sincerely/faithfully/truly.

What Should an Impressive Complaint E-Mail Should Consist Of

  • It should be Concise and Precise (Short and Meaningful)
  • Summarizing & Well-organized
  • Effective
  • Use Polite and Appropriate Tone
  • Intention-focused
  • Clear on action

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This is all about How to Write a Complaint Email to Customer Service. Be polite, concise, and authoritative and write short and clean mail. For more interesting stuff like this, stay connected with us on our web page

If you have any issue concerning the above mentioned post on How to Write a Complaint Email to Customer Service, then share with us by posting your valuable comments in below given comment box.

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