How To Use Aadhaar Payment App

How To Use Aadhaar Payment AppHere we are again with the good news as from now you will get free from bundles of plastic money. Check out How To Use Aadhaar Payment App from this page.  All the confusing passwords and fear of theft is over as new Aadhaar payment app has been launched.

No need to worry if you don’t know How to use Aadhaar Payment App Works as here we are going to serve you with the stepwise guide and procedure on how to use aadhaar payment application and how it works.

The Aadhaar Payment App was launched on the eve of Christmas 25th December. The application uses consumer’s Aadhaar Card details and the linked bank account details with biometric scans which authenticate transactions.

It means that users can directly make transactions and payments directly with their Aadhaar cards number with the help of Unified Payment Interface (UPI) and there is no more need of digital wallets.

How To Use Aadhaar Payment App

How To Download The Application

As per the source, merchants would need to download the Aadhaar Cashless merchant app on their smart phones and connect to a biometric reader, one that is currently on sale for Rs 2,000.

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Please follow these steps to download and install Aadhar Payment App on your Smartphone:

  • Visit Google Play Store and search for Aadhar Payment App
  • Agree to all the terms and conditions and hit on the “Download” button
  • Wait till the application is downloaded
  • Follow the onscreen instructions to install aadhar pay app as usual.

Stepwise Guide On How Top Download Aadhar Payment App For Merchants And Install Biometric Reader?

Merchants need to integrate their Smartphone’s with a biometric reader which is currently available for a price of Rs 2000. Merchant have to integrate their own Aadhar Card (UIDAI Number). Here is the stepwise guide.

  • Download the Aadhar payment app
  • Link it with biometric machine installed on your booth (shop/store etc). For linking biometric payment machine with the app you will need to enter the details of the machine in download payment application.
  • You might be asked to enter your bank account details where you want all the transactions to be credited.
  • Setup all the things and you are ready to go!

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How To Use Aadhaar Payment App And How It Works?

These are the simple steps to use and do payment with the newly launched Aadhar Payment app.

  • If the customer wants to do the payment then firstly type the Customer Aadhar Card Number (UIDAI) in the Adhaar space.
  • From the list of banks select the Bank from which you want to do the paymnt. (SBI, PNB, Axis, BOI etc.)
  • Use fingerprint scan which will act as a password to complete the transaction.
  • By entering the number of Aadhar the application would automatically get the bank accounts linked with Aadhar number and deduct the amount from your bank account and will transfer the amount to the merchant account.

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The Aadhaar payment app is available both on android and iOS. This application launched by government is going to benefit both merchants and customers as this app is the future of digital payments. There is no processing fees for merchants/ shopkeepers or any other extra charges. Now go through the application store and download the application.

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