Here’s How You Can Travel for Free Around the World

Here’s How You Can Travel for Free Around the WorldWhat is the first thing that comes in your mind when you hear the word travelling? For me, It’s I too want to travel but could I travel for free? So Here’s How You Can Travel for Free Around the World. Yes you can travel for free as there are some tips which I am going to share with you all to travel endlessly for free around the world. As I know lot of us want to travel around the world but we can’t because of the money that’s why these tips will help you to travel for free. Free!! here doesn’t mean that with empty pocket you can travel around but it means that you can spend a few weeks or months doing volunteer things, help exchanges, and other crafty things which will help you in travelling for free.

Here’s How You Can Travel for Free Around the World

 Tips to Travel Endlessly for Free Around the World

So here are some tips which can help you to travel endlessly for free around the world:

# Stay On The Couch For Free

Couchsurfing has become really popular over the past few years. Couchsurfing is a huge network with hospitable people who open up their home to fellow travelers and let them stay on their couches or floor for free. This saves your lots of money as hotel expenses are very much now days. This also gives you a chance to meet local people who can tell you about the things you can do in the area. They also take safety seriously so referrals and references are encouraged and a system of verification is also available. But due to the fact that you’re in someone’s home, a healthy amount of caution is advised.

Stay On The Couch For Free

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# Freelance Work

There are large numbers of business communities who are looking to people on a short-term period or contract basis. So if you want to travel for free around the world you can opt this option as this work is online and can be done from anywhere in the world like web programming, administrative support, sales, marketing, legal work and engineering, and many more. In this as long as you finish the project you’re free to go anywhere you want. This is ideal for anyone who wants to be location independent, but also maintain their career.

Freelance Work

# House Sitting

House sitting has also become very popular over the past few years. In this you have to take care of the amazing houses you are living all over the world. By joining this service you have to take care of general house sitting duties such as looking after the pets, the garden, keeping trespassers off the property and readdressing mail. But basically, you just have to look after the house.

House Sitting

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# Wwoofing

WWOOF stand for World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms which is the most well known work exchange program in the world. It is generally an international organization of gardens, ranches, farms where you can exchange work for food and shelter. The beat part of is that it save lot of money which you spend on accommodations and food expenses. The duration of work in a day is about 5 hours so you have plenty of time to see the area you are visiting also you will get the opportunity to fellow WWOOFers from other countries.


# Working In Travel Industry

If you love to travel and want to travel around the world then try to find out a job in a travel industry. This job can help to you to travel for free as they want someone who could take care of the tourists. And the best thing is they don’t require any specialized skills so just like that you can find a position to earn a little money and see the world at the same time. For this type of jobs you can search in Cruise Ships, Resorts, Flight attendants, Tour Guides etc.

Working In Travel Industry

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# Sharing Language knowledge

Among all these ways to travel endlessly there is also one more way that is sharing language knowledge i.e. you can teach English if you know. This is something that almost every native English speaker can do. You don’t even need to know the language of the country you go. But make sure you are ok with the destination since contracts are generally for about a year and also you get a licensing certificate in ELT/TEFL/EFL since most places will require this.

Sharing Language knowledge

So these are the few tips I could share with you hope it works for you if you want to travel endlessly for free around the world. Also not to forget about sharing your views in the comment box.

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