How to Spot Fake Apps in the Google Play Store

How to Spot Fake Apps in the Google Play StoreFake apps are often look like official ones and have the same functions, but carry a dangerous extra payload. Fake apps are actually designed to steal user data are increasingly targeting Android phone users. There are a fair amount of fake apps in the Google Play Store that could cause some unnecessary problems such as virus infestation or your personal information falling into the hands of someone that could cause chaos on your livelihood. There are times, when it is just impossible for normal users to identify fake or malicious apps. And how can they?

So here are a few tips on How to Spot Fake Apps in the Google Play Store and I strongly suggest you to Beware of Fake Apps.

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How to Spot Fake Apps in the Google Play Store

Beware of Fake Apps

  1. Beware of apps that are just mobile web sites especially if littered with ads. Reality is, most popular web sites like Facebook and Twitter have a mobile-optimized version of their sites available. Sites like these are famous to be spammed due to the fact they do not take long to make an app that simply links to the mobile version of the site. Of course, any site with a free app offering that has many ads need to be approached with care.
  2. When you’re doubtful, look for the app that has the maximum downloads. Granted there are usually new apps to be found, and this may not always ring true, there’s a good chance that you’re on your way to a legal app.
  3. Have a look on Ratings/Reviews? Pay close attention to those. They may just give away the malicious intentions contained within the app you are about to download.
  4. Always check w/ the web site/developer to make sure they have a mobile app available. Best course of action is to either Tweet or even e-mail the company.
  5. Checking the developer’s profile is useful. Mainly if the app you’re trying to get has an “Editor’s Choice” tag next to it. That’s generally a good sign to know that you’ll be safe
  6. Read all app permissions carefully. A bit of common sense is what can help you tell the right from the wrong. The rule of thumb to remember here is, the permissions asked by an app must comply with its functions/features. For Example, if Skype app requires your permission to access SMS, call logs, media files, etc., then that’s alright, because these are required for obvious reasons. But if a gaming app or a flash light app requires similar permissions, keep on away that are quite harmful for your phone
  7. Another best way to find out if an app is not what it seems to be is to simple search on the Internet. Google “Is (app name) safe to install”. If the app is bad, it will show up in the search results.

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Sometimes you might be lured into discounts and other benefits for downloading apps from other sources, but know that, you are risking your privacy and security by doing so. So, the next time you come across an interesting app, do not forget using the tips given above, and have reliable Android mobile security software installed on your phone.

Share the above tips on How to Spot Fake Apps in the Google Play Store with your friends and acquaintances and keep them safe….

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