How To Solve Hanging Problem in Smartphone

Mobiles Phones have become an essential part of our daily lives and almost everyone owns a smartphone. But every second, mobile phone users face a common issue on “How To Solve Hanging Problem in Smartphone”.

The prolong use of smartphone whether it is Apple, Samsung, Nokia or Gionee causes freezing problem and the most common reason behind Mobile Phone Hang is excessive use of RAM. So, we have come up with 10 Ways that cause Mobile Hanging Problem along with their Best Solution.

How To Solve Hanging Problem in Smartphone

Gone are the days, when people didn’t face freezing problem with their simple mobile phones. Nowadays, mobile phones have become a complex device that runs on higher hardware capacity such as Android, iOS, Windows etc.

Thus, it requires proper care so that it did not create trouble in future.  Smartphone freezing problem occurs due to several reasons. So, it becomes important to know Phone Hang Problem Solution to avoid such difficulties. That’s, why we have specified 10 Best ways that help you in fixing phone hanging problems.

Possible Reasons Which Might Cause Smartphones To Hang/ Freeze

Slowing down a smartphone is a very regular problem these days. Following are the possible reasons which may cause smartphones to hang or freeze.

  • Apps that you have installed might be corrupt or out-dated.
  • Memory card might be faulty or contains virus.
  • You have accessed multiple heavier apps at a time.
  • Phone hangs after continuous usage of internet.

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10 Best Ways & Solution To Solve Mobile Freezing Problems

#1 Delete Unwanted Data

The basic step on “How To Solve Hanging Problem in Smartphone” is to clear all the unwanted data by moving or deleting the unnecessary files and apps. It will help in creating space in internal as well as external memory.

Solution: You can clear the cache by visiting the Settings Option >> Storage >> Hit on Cache, then press Ok to clear caches.

#2 Check Your RAM

Every mobile phone comes with a certain limit to store data in it. Thus if you overburden the limit, it is obvious that it starts creating problem in your phone. Most of the mobile phones lag due to less RAM.

Solution: To solve this problem you can close all apps running in background. You are also advised to avoid downloading heavy apps.

# 3 Move Applications To External Memory

If you have lots of apps installed in your smartphone than move these applications to the External Memory. This will help in solving the phone hanging problem. Furthermore, you can also install apps directly to External Memory.

Solution: In order to move applications from internal memory to external memory go to Settings options then to Storage >> Tap on SD Card Storage.

# 4 Update Your Software

It is noticed that running previous software versions can hinder the smartphone performance and cause lagging problem. So, it is important to update your phone’s software time to time to avoid this problem.

Solution: For updating software, go to the Settings option >> Tap on “General” and then on “Software Update” and “Install Now.”

#5 Avoid Using Smartphone When It Is Overheated

Using WiFi or other powerful features sometimes cause overheating in your phone. Using overheated Mobile is not good for phone as well as for your health also. So always try to avoid the habit of using your phone in such condition because it makes CPU processing slower.

Solution: If your device gets overheated, then don’t make further use of it and quickly turn it off.

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#6 Install Antivirus Software

Virus and malware will cripple your smartphone and destroy all the data. Thus, it is necessary to install Antivirus Software in your smartphones. As virus also cause hanging problem in your cell phones and slowdowns your phone’s software.

Solution: You can download Antivirus Software by visiting the Google Play Store or from Google search engine. It will help in avoiding virus to enter in your phone.

#7 Clear Cache

Caches are formed due to the usage of apps that we use on regular basis. Thus, it will result in lagging. So, users who are looking for guide on “How to Solve Hanging Problem in Smartphone” can clear cache to avoid this problem.

Solution: Go to the Settings Menu >> Find Apps and then press on the particular app for which you want to clear data and finally press on “Clear Cache”.

#8 Avoid Running Multiple Apps

Once you install and use an application it continues to run on the background even if you start using another application. This results in device lagging and it eats up the phone RAM. So, avoid running multiple apps in your phone.

Solution: To turn off running multiple apps in background Launch recent app menu >> Choose application you want to close >> Go to All Apps Tab >> Press on Force Stop.

# 9 Avoid Using Live Wallpaper

Mobile users are advised not to use live and animated wallpapers, as these wallpapers eats up the phone RAM fastly that result in freezing of your smartphone.

Solution: For deactivating live wallpaper go to the Settings >> Apps and then find the live wallpaper, select it, and tap Uninstall.

#10 Restore Data Factory Setting

If none of the above tips works, reset your mobile phone using Restore factory setting that will absolutely work for you. Factory process may delete your personal data like contacts, files and memos so whenever you perform this function never forgot to take Backup of all your files.

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So, this is all about “How To Solve Hanging Problem in Smartphone”. Hope, the above provided information on How To Solve Hang Problem will prove helpful to you in fixing your device lagging.

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