How To Solve Hanging Problem in Smartphone

How To Solve Hanging Problem in Smartphone: You always get irritated by the hanging problems in your smartphone. Millions of smartphone users around the world are facing the problem related to hanging or freezing in their Android SmartPhones. So, today I’m going to share some Tips on How to Solve Hanging Problem in Smartphone.

Smartphone hanging problems occurs due to several possible reasons. Often, it happens when you make some urgent outgoing calls or picking up incoming calls. You face problems in opening the apps or your mobile is not running smoothly. So if you’re facing the same hanging problem then you must follow these solutions that will help you to get rid of this problem of hanging.

Possible Reasons which might cause SmartPhones to hang/ freeze

Slowing down a smartphone is a very regular problem these days. Following are the reasons of slowing down or hanging a smartphone.

  • Apps that you have installed might be corrupt or outdated
  • Memory card might be faulty or contains virus
  • Or you have accessed multiple heavier apps at a time
  • Phone hangs after continuous usage of internet

How To Solve Hanging Problem in Smartphone

Different Solution through which you can prevent your mobile phone from hanging/freezing

If you are troubled with anyone of the following above issues I am suggesting you to follow these steps to fix hanging problem in your smartphone:

Restart Phone:

Switching off your mobile for a few minutes or to restart is the best way to solve hanging problem as well as for working smoothly. Do restart your device kills background running apps. We advised you to turn off/switch off your device for some time in every 24 to 36 hours or one-twice in a day.

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Avoid using of smartphone when it is overheated:

Using WiFi or other powerful features sometime may cause overheating in your phone. Using overheated Mobile is not good for phone as well as for your health too. So always try to avoid the habit of using your phone in such condition because it makes CPU processing slower.

Remove unnecessary applications from your device:

Keep only necessary apps in your phone and remove all the unwanted or least used applications from your device. Ensure that you do not have any high-resolution games as they might be causing the hanging issues. Uninstall unnecessary apps when not in use for long time as it will be an unnecessary burden on your RAM.

Avoid the Application Greed:

Having various live wallpapers, launcher and themes in your phone can consume good amount of CPU power and makes your phone slower. So try to avoid installation of such apps if you are facing hanging problem.

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Proper Exit of Application:

Usually people don’t not exit a game properly while using it which pause the CPU as these applications are running in the background so it is an advice to properly close an app. Doing this will speed up your mobile.

Make free space in Internal Memory:

Too much use of phone memory is the main reason to go phone hang. If you have too much data loaded in your phones’ internal memory it will consumes more time to scan your data like gallery, music player, movies, etc. So, if you want to solve the hanging problem in your Android phone free your internal memory as much as you can. Free up memory by deleting/moving songs, videos, apps, wallpapers, images, eBooks, contacts, old msgs and things which are not in use.

Move installed Apps to Memory Card:

Moving applications to the external memory is the best way to empty the storage space of your phone. If possible, place or install the applications or move other data on your smartphone in external memory that will enhance the processing of smartphone. Try to keep your most of the data in an external SD card.

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Restore Data factory setting

If none of the above tips works, reset your mobile phone by the Restore factory setting that will absolutely work for you. Factory process may delete your personal data like contacts and files, memos so whenever you perform this function never forgot to take Backup of all your files.

All of the above steps will definitely help you in overcoming or fixing the hanging problems in your smart phones and in best possible manner. If you have any queries regarding it then please mention it in the comments.

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