How To Create And Send Gifs On Whatsapp

How to create and Send GIFs on WhatsAppHow to create and Send GIFs on WhatsApp question was on your mind? Here we are going to tell you how to create and send GIF’s on whatsapp through 3 simple steps for Android/iOS users. Whatsapp is one of the most popular applications and is used by more than half billion users today. Whatsapp frequently make updates to stay on the top and the latest update by whatsapp was to create and send Gif file. There are many methods and steps to create and send GIF on whatsapp but we are going to tell you the simplest and fastest easy steps. Here we go.

How To Create And Send Gifs On Whatsapp

                                      3 Simple Steps for Android/iOS to create and send GIF on whatsapp

Graphic Interchange Format commonly known as GIF is the animated picture without any sound. It all started when whatsapp was flooded with GIF messages and you were in doubt how? But that was a update of a whatsapp for GIF. Animated GIF is the best idea to show how you feel to show humor or love. Here are easy and simple steps how you can create and send it:

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#1. Send Share Or Forward An Existing Gif Image

If somebody sent you an interesting GIF Image and you want to forward it to your friends. Here are the steps how you can:

  • Go to the whatsapp conversation of person to whom you want to send that GIF picture.
  • Hit the attachment button and choose the photo/video option.
  • You will see a new GIF option along with Video and Photo option.
  • Select The GIF on whichever you want to send.
  • And now you are also part of that trending GIF game.

Send Share Or Forward An Existing Gif Image

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#2. Record And Send Video As A Gif Image

Now you can also make a video and convert it to a GIF image if the video is not more than 6 seconds, you can also crop the existing video to 6 seconds and automatically the GIF sign will appear. Here is the step by step procedure for recording and sending GIF image.

  • Go to the conversation in whatsapp where you want to send that GIF.
  • Select the video tab button.
  • Gallery videos will be opened. Choose the video which you want to convert and send.
  • Below the video cropping option will be opened. Crop the part of video you don’t want and make it to 6seconds or less.
  • Above the video icon will appear automatically hit the video icon and a GIF icon will appear
  • Now you are ready to end it and it will appear as GIF when sent.

Record And Send Video As A Gif Image

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#3. Use Gif From Gif Keyboard Or Special Gif Application

This is the best possible way if you want a variety of GIF’s and want to use it as punches in the conversation between the whatsapp. There are many applications in the market for GIF’s but we find out the Giphy app best among them for android users and for iPhone users we recommend iGif. Here’s how to use them. If u find any application for GIF better than this then do not forget to share it with us by posting in the below comment box.

  • Download and Install GIPHY application from Apps play store.
  • Open and go through the collection of GIF’s you want.
  • After selecting the one you want tap and hold on that the options will appear.
  • Choose the yes option and save it to your phone
  • Go to the conversation where you want to send the Gif.
  • Click on attachment icon and from gallery choose and send the GIF.

Note: If after tapping on the GIF the list of options is not coming then simply copy the link of picture and paste it on the conversation where you want to send it. It will work the same.

Use Gif From Gif Keyboard Or Special Gif Application

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Complimentary Tip And Trick: Now you can add the latest and funniest stickers of hike to whatsapp easily. Here’s how

Go to Hike>>>Settings>>>Stickey>>>>Check whatsapp

A pop up will appear when you will open and now you can share the latest hike stickers with whatsapp friends. It will make you feel Desi again.

Whatsapp is now improving day by day from frequent updates and the latest added features seems to be copied from snapchat.

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