How to Choose a Smartphone

How to Choose a SmartphoneAre you going to buy a Smart Phone and worry about How to Choose a Smart phone? Well these days… this is such a big question that which Smart Phone to buy …??? There is big fight in the smart phone market or in phone technology regarding RAM, Processor, Camera, Storage, Screen size, Resolution, Operating system etc.

All these things make it difficult that How to Choose a Smartphone? To get come out of this confusion about Which Smartphone to Buy we have some parameters and reviews & ratings of some popular smart phones that will help you to pick best smart phone

With so many handsets, networks and tariffs on the market, choosing a new mobile phone have made our choices tougher. By searching and reviewing about the kind of phone you’d want, and then you’ll be able to come up with the thorough specifications for the particular models like price, features like camera, storage, battery life, warranty, availability and much more. If still it is not clear in your mind about a phone to choose you should check out this page.

To choose a right cell phone you need to take a variety of factors into consideration. So what should you be looking for when buying a cell phone? Here are some key points to consider:

Choose an Operating System That Suits You…

Here are four main Smartphone choices today: Android, BlackBerry, IOS, and Windows Phone. Each operating system has its pros and cons depending on what you want. Brief descriptions of each are below.

Android Operating System

How to Choose a Smartphone

Android is developed by Google; this is an open source operating system that runs on the majority of new phones. Android has a robust apps store called Google Play filled with Google services. It is Available in all budget of Smartphone from an inexpensive model to a high-end flagship handset. It has nice integration of Google services, most of the services are free, it is less restricted in terms of sharing options, and Play Store has most of the free apps available for download.


Blackberry Operating System

How to Choose a SmartphoneBlackBerry, once the premier brand of mobile communication devices, has been in dire straits lately. If you’re hooked on BBM or love physical keyboards and small screens, BlackBerry may be for you. Most BB devices have slower hardware and lack some of the core amenities that Android and iOS offer. BlackBerry will supposedly fix most or all of these issues and has struggled to win over shoppers with BlackBerry 10.


How to Choose a SmartphoneThe major reason to opt for an iOS device is its selection of apps. Apple developed iOS and it is one of the most refined and restricted mobile platform. It has whole ecosystem of apps and services but for most of them, you will have to pay a price. It is only available on iPhones and iPads.


Windows Operating System

How to Choose a SmartphoneWindows Phone has never caught on, but the upcoming Windows 10 could change that. Developers should be able to easily port Android and iOS apps to the platform. Windows Phone offers some persuasive features on its own, such as a dynamic Start screen and the Cortana digital assistant Plus, these devices come with subscriptions to free content like music and movies (depending on the model you buy). Also, maps and Drive+, which are possibly the best maps and navigation services in the country.

Be More Technical…


How to Choose a SmartphoneIt’s plain and simple, more RAM is always better. Try to avoid handsets with just 1GB of system memory. On most devices, 2GB is good and standard. But 3GB (found on phones like the Galaxy S6 and LG G4) is even better. Nowadays some device offers 4GB of RAM thus far, but it could be the start of a trend.



How to Choose a SmartphoneWhen you go for shopping, you have often heard of dual-core, quad-core, and even octa core processor. But what should you put your money on? Good processor inside a phone should translate to faster open times for apps, smoother game play and quicker photo editing.



How to Choose a Smartphone

We’ve now come at a point in Smartphone progression where the camera matters more than the processor, especially since large number of people use their phones as their primary shooters. With the increase use of social network sharing sites, front-facing cameras are becoming more important than ever before.

More and more smart phones have cameras with 16 megapixels, but don’t go by numbers alone. Instead, concentrate to image quality, aperture, speed and features. So, if you’re looking for a good camera phone, leave the idea that more megapixels will give you clear photo.


How to Choose a SmartphoneWe highly recommend you to opt for a handset having more internal storage as possible. The minimum on most handsets is 16GB, but many phones are coming with standard 32GB. We suggest you to have 32GB or more. We carry our world – e-mails, movies, photographs, videos, music – with us on our Smartphone, so when buying, always budget for a phone that comes with adequate storage.



How to Choose a SmartphoneIf your cell phone battery conks out, all the bright and latest features in the world won’t be able to help you. Manufacturers have begins to familiar with the importance of battery life and are compressing greater-capacity batteries into their phones. Other factors like the screen size, processor and operating system determine how long a Smartphone lasts on a charge. We prefer you to buy only those handsets that last longer than 8 hours, but greater than 8.5 hours is much better. Battery capacity is another specific feature that can help deciding a phone’s potential staying power.

Screen Size/ Display

How to Choose a SmartphoneThe best way to judge a Smartphone’s screen is to look at it from different angles for changes in color and also to examine the visibility in varying lighting conditions. On smaller devices, load a web page to see if the text is crisp, and can be read without any strain to your eyes.


Screen Resolution

How to Choose a SmartphoneThe size of the screen is only one consideration. Pay close attention to a Smartphone’s resolution, brightness, color accuracy and viewing angles to make the most informed buying decision. Make sure that the Smartphone you’re shopping for has a panel that’s bright enough you can read it outdoors in direct sunlight. Having wide viewing angles is important, too, because you’ll want to be able to share what’s on your screen with others while watching movies and playing video games.

As you all know, smart phones has made our lives easier. With the right Smartphone you can manage e-mails and appointments, get directions, take and share photos and videos, play music and games, watch movies and do a whole lot more. So why is picking the right Smartphone so darn confusing? Through these guidelines we’ll help you to make your mind up and make sure you get the very best handset for your needs and budget.


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