How to Check Police Verification Status for Passport

How To Check Police Verification Status For Passport

How to Check Police Verification Status for Passport this is a big question. Here we will try to solve your problem. Police verification is the most important part while issuing a passport. For the security measures passport verification is necessary. Police verification depends on number of factors -Pre-issuance or Post-issuance of the actual passport, and there are also some rare cases in which Police Verification is not even required. So here we will let you to know how to check police verification status for passport. And enlighten your mind on some of the lesser known fact of the police verification process.

When the online police verification was not there the police verification nearly took a month but now it is done in a week. The Regional Passport Offices are now planning to extend it to all the cities of India. With the fast verification process, the waiting period for a passport was decreased to around 10 days. The present waiting period is around 30 days. The online police verification project one of the three important projects in the country come into move with the believed to have easy police verification, especially for those in need of a passport urgently.

How to Check Police Verification Status for Passport

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Procedure for Police Verification of Passport

Firstly, there are three primary modes of police verification:

  • Before issue of the passport: Pre Police Verification
  • After issue of the passport: Post Police Verification

No Police Verification

The only difference among Pre Police Verification and Post Police Verification is, before and after verification of the mentioned address of the applicant.

Pre Police Verification for Passport

The police verification mostly happens after the applicant has submitted the application and all related required documents, etc. but before the application has been approved (and before the passport is issued). When the police station received the applicant identity and address proof detail send by the passport officer the police verification process begins. The assigned officer has to trace the address, and ensure that the applicant whose name is there resides in that address only and the officer also have to verify the age and other personal data about the candidate.

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If the applicant all the details are accurate, then the officer confirms the same with the police station, who then passes the information to the Passport Office, who will then issue the passport to the applicant and this process is called  pre-passport issuance police verification.

Post Police Verification for Passport

The most common form of police verification is the pre-passport insurance police verification, in some cases in the Passport Office decides that post-passport issuance police verification is the right way to go. These applicants have their passport issued before the police verification process, and these cases fall under the post-passport issuance police verification process.

No Police Verification for Fresh Passport

In some cases the passport officers did not find any need for Police verification.

For example, Government / PSU / Statutory Body employees who apply for the passport by submitting a document known as an “Identity Certificate” will receive their passport without any requirement for Police Verification.

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Procedure to check Police Verification Status for Passport

While applying for police verification, the police issue different status for police verifications.

Different types of verification status:

#1. Clear – This status indicates that the police have not found any negative record of the applicant.

#2. Adverse – This status indicates that the police, in the time of their verification have found inconsistencies in the information submitted by the applicant, resulting to which passport being withheld or cancelled. These inconsistencies could be due to the applicant providing an incorrect or false address in their application. Another cause could be criminal cases that have been filed against that applicant that are pending in a court of law.

#3. Incomplete– This status indicates that during the course of the verification process, police have found the documents submitted are incomplete, so the process is stopped halfway. Another reason could be that in the police station the verification report is not filled correctly.

The final report is drawn after the police verification on the above basis. If the passport is not approved due to ‘Adverse’ or “Incomplete’ remark, the applicant have to get the clearance from the police station.

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