How To Apply For Passport in India Without Birth Certificate

How To Apply For Passport In India Without Birth CertificateBirth certificate is a necessary document for the applicants of passport. In India it has become compulsory to submit birth certificate for getting passport. So, How to Apply for Passport in India without Birth Certificate, go through this page.  Though some of you don’t have your birth certificate, may be because you were not issued at that time or not needed when born many years ago. Here, the question arises “Can you get your passport in India without birth certificate??”…The answer is surely a big YES, as there are alternatives to every problem.

As per the rules of government, if you are born on or after 26 January 1989, you have to approach to municipal office for getting birth certificate because no other document can be submitted. If you are born before 26 January 1989 , you can give other documents such as your school certificate, affidavit indicating their place and date of birth… Here we have bought for you the process to apply for passport in India without birth certificate, its alternatives and how to get birth certificate if in case it is compulsory. Now a day, it is mandatory to have birth certificate to get your passport.

How To Apply For Passport in India Without Birth Certificate

                                                         Documents required for Indian passport

If you were born before 26 January 1989, then just submit following documents:

  • School leaving certificate.
  • Your election card/pan card/adhaar card.
  • Your electricity bill, one of them should be recent.
  • Your 10th OR 12th marksheet OR degree certificate.

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If your birth-date is after 26 January 1989, then you have to submit following documents:

  • Birth certificate (MANDATORY).
  • Two address proof i.e. Aadhar card, Driving license, Bank pass book, or Electricity bill not older than 3 months.
  • Bonafide certificate from your college if you’re studying/ certificate from employer if you’re employee.
  • Your 10th OR 12th mark sheet OR degree certificate.

Documents require for orphan child, not Having Birth Certificate

Many people started facing problem in getting passport, because birth certificate become mandatory and they don’t have. Number of references has been received from various childcare homes and legal experts highlighting the difficulty of those are born on or after 26 January 1989. Keeping in mind these inconvenience faced by orphan child, PIAs have decided to consider the below mentioned documents whether the orphan child is born on or after 26 January 1989, as proof of date of birth to process their passport application:­

  • Copy of Birth Certificate; or
  • Date of birth recorded in the Matriculation Certificate issued by duly recognized/affiliated educational institution along with the bonafide certificate duly sworn by the Head of the Orphanage/Childcare Home
  • Iin case of minor or by applicant himself (in case of major) before the
  • First Class Judicial Magistrate/Executive Magistrate categorically stating his/her date of birth/place of birth; or
  • Declaratory Court order issued by the court of competent jurisdiction recording the date of birth/place of birth of such an applicant in the order.

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To Apply For Passport in India Without Birth Certificate, born before 1989

  • Apply for a copy of your birth certificate in the Suvidha centre at the place of your father’s residence and also an application of same kind to your mother’s parents residence.
  • Since your birth has not been registered you will receive a certificate of non availability of your birth certificate to the effect that the entry of your birth has not been found in both of the above concerned offices.
  • After that obtain a file from the Suvidha centre in respect of making a late entry of your birth.
  • Thereafter you shall have to move an application to the effect that you were born at (place) on (date), and that your birth has not been registered in either of the offices of your paternal or maternal addresses. Attach the above certificates with the said application.
  • Prepare an affidavit in support of the above application and after getting the same attested from a legal representative attach the same with the above application.  Submit the said file at the Suvidha centre of the place where you were born.
  • You will get the response to your application on the date given to you. Meanwhile they will gather your correct and necessary information from a Municipal Commissioner of your area.

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As Birth Certificate Is Mandatory for those who are born after 26 January 1989. The process to submit application for duplicate birth certificate is given below:

To Get a Birth Certificate

You have to fill the application form with the following details:

  • Your Full name
  • Your parents name, with first and last names (including your mother’s maiden name)
  • Your date of birth
  • Address of your parents
  • Your birth place

#1. Go to the municipal corporation office in the city where you were born which has the record of the registration of birth. In case of different municipal offices in various areas of a city, then you have to visit the office of the area where you were born.

#2. For this you may charge some fee for the issue of birth certificate, fees charged will be according to their rules.

#3. After that you will be given an application form. You have to fill that form, remember fill it carefully with full accuracy.

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#4. After that you will be issued a receipt and told about when you can get the copy. Following these above mentioned procedures will surely help you in getting passport. Hope you have got all the required information..


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