How To Apply For New Birth Certificate In India

Birth CertificateBirth certificate is the most important document showcasing your identity. It is issued by the government and provides information regarding child birth date, place of birth, gender etc. Through this article we will go through How To Apply For New Birth Certificate In India as well as obtaining it for a new born baby. As an identity proof it is well needed in  every phase of your life; applying for admission in schools or college, in claiming hospital benefits and also claiming for property or establishing the property.

According to ‘Registration of Births and Deaths Act 1969, it is mandatory to register the birth of your child within 21 days from his/her birth. Different countries have different procedures to issue the birth certificate .While many times the hospitals only take care of the entire process for you.

How To Apply For New Birth Certificate In India

Documents Required For Birth Certificate

  • Both parents birth certificates
  • Marriage certificate of the parents
  • Proof of birth letter in hospital
  • Parents’ identity proof (for verification)

How to Apply

First of all you have to register the birth of the child in the local authority within 21 days of the birth by filling up the prescribed form by the Registrar. After which verification is done with the actual records of the hospital.

Registration Process

Here we will go through the steps regarding how to register the birth of a child and obtain birth certificate:

  • Firstly, obtain a birth registration form from the hospital or Town Registrar’s office and fill the complete details. In rural areas, there may not be actual application forms available and in such cases, the applications with complete details of birth can be written on plain paper. The details that are typically asked for in the registration form are:

Registration Process for Birth Certificate of a New Born Baby


  1. Name of the child
  2. Name of Father
  3. Name of Mother
  4. Place of Birth
  5. Date of Birth
  6. Sex (Gender)
  7. Permanent address of Parents


  • After filling up the form completely submit it along with fee. Remember different states have different fee structure.
  • After completion of the above two steps the verification process with take place which is done by the registrar with the hospital.
  • Then, you need to visit the nearest District Statistical Officer and then check the details of your registration.
  • You need to pay Rs 5 for the copy of the certificate in the statistical office.
  • In case the birth has not been registered within the specified time of its occurrence (21 days), the certificate is issued after due police verification ordered by the revenue authorities. This can take a long time and it is therefore better to register the birth within 21 days
  • It will usually take about 10 days for the birth certificate to be ready. There is a legal fast-track process where the birth certificate can be collected in 2 days.

Birth certificate Online Registration

Birth certificate Online & Offline Procedure

Obtaining a birth certificate is not a simple task, so for making it easier some states have launched this online process. For example if you are from Tamil Nadu then here is its process:

  • Visit the official website, on opening it a page will appear like this:


  • On the home page, press “Department Wise Services” under “Service” box.
  • Select “Apply for Birth Certificates – Chennai Corporation” tab in “Service wise” section.
  • In the new page, choose “URL” which is mentioned under “Description”.
  • After hitting above mention URL, you will reach the next page.
  • Now select “Birth Verification” tab which is on the middle of the page.
  • As you will hit the button, a new page will open as mentioned below:


  • Fill up verification number, Gender and Date of Birth and hit “Submit” button.
  • After that you will get the list and choose child name, Hit on “Print” button to see the Birth Certificate. The Birth Certificate is in the Portable Document Format (PDF).

Online Birth Certificate Process through Meeseva

  • We can also apply birth certificate in nearest meeseva.
  • But it takes 90 working days to approve.
  • If we opted for deliver in courier then we will get that certificate in courier for these courier we have to pay charges specially in the time of application fee payment
  • Everyone can request these certificates through meeseva official website or Meeseva Online portal. The certificates will be sent to the applicant by courier.
  • You can also check birth records for your name. If not found, they can check whether their name is registered or not.

It is necessary to obtain a Birth Certificate because it helps to gain the date and fact of one’s birth for the purposes, like admission in schools, right to vote for the Government Services like a driving license , voter id card, ration card, passport., for getting married at the legally permissible age, property rights for the settlement of inheritance.


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