How to Apply For Duplicate Birth Certificate

How To Apply For Duplicate Birth CertificateHave you misplaced your birth certificate? If yes! You definitely want to reapply for it. For this you have to know How to Apply for Duplicate Birth Certificate, and many more questions that arises in your mind regarding duplicate birth certificate. Birth certificate, your identity proof is the most precious document as it is needed in every step of your life. It may be your schooling, college, for getting any government affiliated certificate like your Aadhar card, Voter id, Passport, Marriage certificate and many more.

The procedure for getting duplicate birth certificate on losing your original one or in stolen case is called “Application for the Non Availability of Birth Certificate”. This non-availability certificate can also be issued if the registration of birth has not been done. Remember the duplicate birth certificate will not be issued to you by the Public Health Department (PHD) of your municipal corporation. You are instructed to go to the State Registration Office in the state where you were born, in case you have misplaced your birth certificate or in stolen case.

How To Apply for Duplicate Birth Certificate

Questions Asked While You Are Applying For Duplicate Birth Certificate

While applying for duplicate birth certificate some questions are asked that are as follows:

  • Your complete Birth Name
  • Your Date of Birth
  • Place You Were Born
  • Your Parent’s First and Last Names. (Usually including your Mother’s maiden name)
  • You will need to state that the replacement record is for you as you cannot request a replacement of someone else’s records.

Who Can Acquire Your Duplicate Birth Certificate

Sometime due to some reasons you can’t acquire your Duplicate birth certificate, so in that case they can apply in place of you:

  • Your spouse
  • Your Parents
  • Your Grandparents
  • Your Brothers or Sisters
  • Your Legal Guardian

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Who Can Apply For Duplicate Birth Certificate?

As Birth certificate is an important document, so each and everyone can not apply for it. There are some reasons for it and they are:

  • When the applicant had original birth certificate
  • When a person does not have an original birth certificate
  • When he / she has never applied for a birth certificate
  • When the applicant has lost or misplaced the original certificate.

Procedure to Apply For Duplicate Birth Certificate

  • Firstly , you need to fill the application form with following details:
  • Your complete name
  • The name of your parents, including first and last names. In the case of your mother’s name, it will be her maiden name before marriage
  • Your exact date of birth
  • The address of your parents
  • The place of birth where you were born
  • After which visit your birth city municipal corporation office .In case of different municipal zones/wards in various areas of a city, then you need to visit the zone/ward office of the area where you were born.
  • Then you need to pay fee for the issuing of the copy of the birth certificate. This fee varies from one State/city to another.
  • On paying the fee, you will be given an application form which is you needed to be filled all the details carefully.
  • After filling the application form submit it to the officer and then you will be issued a receipt and will be instructed when you can get the copy.

Tips for Application of Duplicate Birth Certificate

  • Get ready to stand in a tortuous line if you visit the municipal office at same time when everybody else visit.
  • Make sure you know the timings of the municipal office as also on which days it is closed. Don’t waste that day you took leave from work to get this work done.
  • A municipal corporation office is generally big, with large number of rooms/floors. Make sure you go to the correct floor and at the correct application counter. Not all offices have clear cut sign boards to indicate which counter is for what application. You may think this is a minor tip, but actually it isn’t – you may end up in a queue which is for applying for a duplicate copy of a death certificate.
  • In some municipal offices, you may be required to give an application on plain paper. In others, you may have to submit some kind of affidavit along with your application.
  • It is a good idea to have attested photocopies of the documents that may be required, such as your school leaving certificate
  • In many municipal offices, they could be having the option to get your birth certificate copy sent to your address by courier. In others, you may have the option to submit your application by facsimile (FAX) and send the fee by cheque. So you can find out about the options available to you.
  • You can have a hassle free time if the municipal corporation office of the city where you are applying provides online applications for a duplicate birth certificate. In such a case, all you have to do is to visit the official website and follow the instructions provided.

Online Apply For Duplicate Birth Certificate

In case you does not find a municipal corporation office in your city/state, than relax you can apply it online also by visiting the official website of Municipal Corporation and get the application form.

Websites of Municipal Corporations of Major Cities in India



Remember after getting the duplicate birth certificate keep it safe else you have to go through the same procedure again.


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