Holika Dahan

Holika DahanHolika Dahan 2016 also known as Chhoti Holi, is a Bonfire Vidhi which is celebrated just a day before Holi ‘Festival Of Colors’… Here’s a brief account on Holika Dahan Pujan, its Shubh Muhurat Timing, date and a proper Holika Dahan Bonfire Vidhi. According to Hindu scriptures, Holika Daha should be done during Pradosh Kaal (which starts after sunset).

Holika Dahan

A Story of Hiranyakashyap and Prahlad

King Hiranyakashyap, just because he has ego, started thinking of himself as God and He wish to be worshipped as God and order everyone to worship him but, his own son Prahlad was the supreme devotee of Lord Vishnu. Even after father’s explanation, son did not stop worshiping Vishnu ji, then Hiranyakashyap, ordered to burn him in fire as a sort of punishment.

For this he asked his sister Holika to take Prahlad and sit in burning fire, just Because Holika had a boon, of not getting burnt in fire. The order was followed; Holika sat in fire with Prahlad. But, it was surprising to see that Holika got burnt and Prahlad was safe by Narian’s blessings.

Seeing this, Hiranyakashyap got angrier over his son. Hiranyakashyap had a blessing that he can’t be killed in morning or night, he cannot die on earth, sky or hell and he can’t be killed by any human, animal or any bird.So, God chose evening time in order to kill him and he came in a carnation of half body of lion and half of human- Narsingh Avatar.

Happy Holi Wishes

Lord Narsingh takes life of Hiranyakashyap, neither on ground nor in sky, but, on his lap. This way, the good overwhelmed and powered the evil. This story lays a virtuous lesson that Prahlad was in favour of religion and on the other hand Hiranyakashyap and his sister Holika used wrong policies to work. Finally, by God’s grace, the wrong doing and people who supported them came to an end.

From the story of Holika Dahan, each person must learn that Prahlad was a symbol of love and a strong believer of his God Vishnu. On the other hand, Hiranyakashyapu and Holika symbolized the hatred and immorality. The point to be noticed here is that being theist dose not means this. Whenever you keep full faith and trust in God, he does come for our help in one or the other form.

How to Celebrate Holi

Holika Dahan Muhurta is decided based on following rules.

Well, to complete rituals of Holika Dahan vidhi one must chose a correct Muhurat. Because, timings matters a lot for occasion than its rituals just to complete HOLIKA DAHAN vidhi. For other festivals doing puja at wrong time will not bring puja benefits but doing Holika Dahan at wrong time would bring suffering and misfortune.

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Holika Dahan Muhurta = 18:30 to 20:53

Duration = 2 Hours 22 Mins
Bhadra Punchha = on 22nd, March 23:45 to 01:04
Bhadra Mukha = 01:04 to 03:15

Rangwali Holi on 24th, March

Purnima Tithi Begins = 15:12 on 22/Mar/2016

Purnima Tithi Ends = 17:30 on 23/Mar/2016


While Puja, person should sit near Holika facing in the east or north direction and the following materials should be used in Puja to d a proper holika vidhi:

  • One bowl of water, beads, Roli, rice, smell, flower, raw thread, turmeric, Moong, Batasha, Gulal, coconut etc. should be used. In addition, Dhan of new crop like fully grown wheat and grains earrings are also used in it.
  • After this shield and other toys made of cow dung are kept near Holika.
  • At the auspicious time of Holika Dahan, using water, beads, flowers, Gulal and jaggery, Holika is worshipped. Four beads of shield and toys made of cow dung are brought home and kept safe. One in name of ancestors, second in name of Hanuman God, Third in name of Goddess Shitala, fourth in name of family.
  • Raw yarn is wrap around the Holika, moving in three or seven circles. Then the water of bowl and other material of Puja are dedicated to the Holika. In Puja we also use Roli and flowers. Using fragrant flowers, Holika Pujan is done by Panchopchar method. Water is used as offering after Poojan.
  • After the sunset in Pradosh Kaal, the Holika is set on fire. As soon as the fire is lit up, the pole is taken out. From the public Holika fire is taken and brought to burn the Holika at home. At the end, all men wear auspicious mark of Roli, women sing songs and blessings are taken from elders.
  • It is believed that intake of baked crop keeps you away from disease.
  • It is believed that bringing left over fire and ash next day to home, helps to protect from inauspicious power. Also, this ash is applied on body.

History Of Holi Festival

Mantra to be chanted for Prosperity at the Time of Applying Ash to the body, 

वंदितासि सुरेन्द्रेण ब्रम्हणा शंकरेण
अतस्त्वं पाहि माँ देवी! भूति भूतिप्रदा भव

Chant the Following Mantra during Holika Pujan 

अहकूटा भयत्रस्तैः कृता त्वं होलि बालिशैः
अतस्वां पूजयिष्यामि भूतिभूति प्रदायिनीम्

The mantra should be recited for three or five (odd number) rounds of rosary.

The whole team of customerkarts.com wishes you A HAPPY AND COLORFUL HOLI

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