Hidden Talents Of Bollywood Celebs

Hidden Talents Of Bollywood CelebsDo you so think that these bollywood stars are luckiest with so name fame and money on planet?? Well, it’s not like that…. Yeah!! Check Hidden Talents Of Bollywood Celebs. You’ll bne shock to know secret of Bollywood Stars And Their Talent.

So you thought our super busy actors are only passionate about their acting profession? With Priyanka Chopra all set to rock the scene with her debut music album, we unearthed quite a few celebrities from Bollywood as well as Hollywood with hidden talents. Here are a few of them.

Hidden Talents Of Bollywood Celebs



When the crew of Queen was fed up of living on a diet of pasta and pizza after a month in Paris, Kangana Ranaut came to the rescue. The stunner is also a brilliant chef, whipping up a desi style Chinese meal for the entire unit.



When it’s about being blessed by a diverse range of talents then Farhan is one such celeb who is truly versatile. Besides being an ace director, Farhan is blessed with an exceptional dexterity in writing and acting too. And if that wasn’t enough, he is also a singer and lyricist.

3. SALMAN KHAN, Painter


Salman took to painting to heal his broken heart and to escape from his turbulent life. According to scientific studies, art is really therapeutic and helps a person gain a relaxed and creative state of mind, which Salman sure needed. And the paintings that he’s made are not just wasteful indulgence, they are really good and he has auctioned quite a lot of them to raise funds for his charity – Being Human. Now that’s who we call a good Samaritan.

4. VIVEK OBEROI, Poetry Writing

VIVEK OBEROI, Poetry Writing

This actor (best known as the estranged boyfriend of Aishwarya Rai) gives words to his feelings in his spare time, a fact not many people knew / know. He writes poems and has a sizeable collection to boast of. His talent was discovered by the producer of his upcoming film ‘Zilla Ghaziabad’, when he was perched in a corner scribbling something. The producer wanted to use the poems for his film but the actor refused on the grounds that they were really personal. But it wouldn’t be long before we see Vivek donning other hats apart from just being an actor.

5. ALI ZAFAR, Painter and Poet

ALI ZAFAR, Painter and Poet

One of the most talented actor from across the border, Ali Zafar is known as the Prince of Pop is a Pakistan. Here’s a reason, just because of his exceptional singing skills which he has showcased in his hit songs like Channo, Rangeen, Chal Dil Merey, Dekha, Masty and Sajania. It’s not that Ali’s talent is confined till singing only besides this Ali is also an outstanding painter and poet.

6. RITEISH DESHMUKH, Architecture


An actor, a producer and a great mimic, this star also has a degree in architecture and practiced it for a year before entering into films. He not only has designed Shah Rukh Khan’s office, but helped Karan Johar to zero in on the things for his pad too!

7. NARGIS FAKHRI, Awesome Rapper

NARGIS FAKHRI, Awesome Rapper

This gorgeous beauty has been raised in New York City, and has travelled the world since a very young age, and is an awesome rapper!

8. AKSHAY KUMAR, Great Cook


So, he is a martial arts expert and a great cook, and this is what we know about him till now. But, did you know that he also is an awesome photographer and practices photography whenever possible?

9. AAMIR KHAN, Chess Player

AAMIR KHAN, Chess Player

Mr. Perfectionist had to be good in something that too requires a great mind and perfection to the core! So, chess had to be his area of expertise. He also once played a match with the chess Grandmaster of India, Vishwanathan Anand.

10. RANDEEP HOODA, Horse Rider


If looking at this tall, dark and handsome hunk did not get you sweating already, imagine him riding a horse. Yes that’s how hot this man is! He owns six horses and happens to be an ace polo player. How we wish we could see him play once!

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