Most Famous Ruins in India

Most Famous Ruins in IndiaIndia is a land of some of the most astonishing structures in the world. Here we are presenting Most Famous Ruins in India that even in the state of ruins people love to explore these places. Places like Jaisalmer Fort, Taj Mahal, The Golden Temple, The Gate Way Of India, Charminar attracts travelers with splendor, but Ancient Ruined Monuments attracts visitors with rich history.

Some of the popular ruin like Hampi Village, Champaner, Martand Sun Temple etc are made with amazing architecture that represents Indian tradition and culture. Many of the methods used to build these ruins are still a mystery. These ancient cities, temples and monuments bestow beautiful view that no one could find anywhere. So check out Most Famous Ruins in India that are well presented by the team members of

Most Famous Ruins in India

#1. Bhangarh Fort, Rajasthan

Bhangarh Fort is located, near very popular forest, in Rajasthan and is one of the most scariest places in India. The fort is so scary that no one is allowed to enter the fort after sunset till sunrise. Gradually, this town is becoming famous as people are getting frightened from paranormal activities, they sense in this town. It is one of India’s most famous ruins and Bhangarh is one of the most visited. The fort has many temples, havelis & gates within its territory. This place is recognized as tourist destination of India and also known for spooky atmosphere.

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#2. Hampi, Karnataka

The ruins of Hampi are now UNESCO World Heritage sites but this land was once the capital of the kingdom of Vijaynagar. This village is spread over 25kms of land in Karnataka. The village contains various famous temples like Vithala Temple, Lakshmi Narsimha Temple, Achyut Raya temple etc. If you want to fully explore this village a minimum of three days are required. Hampi is a historical place where people love to visit.

#3. Nalanda University, Bihar

Nalanda University is a widely spread Buddhist monastery. This university is often recognized as the largest Buddhist lerning center in the whole world.  The university was established in 5th Century by the Gupta Rulers. Every year, it attracts many students from India as well as from abroad to explore a 9 storied library. Well, the Nalanda University was smashed by a Turk invader and since then it is in a state of ruins. This university has now become a popular tourist attraction site.

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#4. Champaner – Pavagadh, Gujarat

Champaner is an astonishing World Heritage site in Gujarat. This stunning Archaeological Park includes various temples, mosques, tombs, palaces and many more such stuff. This site is one of the Most Famous Ruins in India. Stone step well is the most stunning place here. This place is rich with unique architecture and hence worth visiting for history lovers. Champaner give visual delight to the visitors as it is made with a wonderful fort walls with inscriptions and delicate carvings.

#5. Martand Sun Temple, Jammu & Kashmir

Martand Sun Temple is situated in Anantnag, Jammu & Kashmir. Martand Sun Temple is built by the King of Karkota Dynasty in the early 8th century AD. It is said that the temple is dedicated to the Sun God. The temple became one of the Most Famous Ruins in India since it was destroyed by Sikandar Bhutshikan in the 15th century. The Shrine is located in the centre of the temple. The placement of the Temple is rich with beautiful Kashmir Valley view. The ruin temple depicts the architecture that gives a view of the Kashmiri style which is influenced by Chinese, Roman, Gandharan, and Gupta architecture style.

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#6. Kumbhalgarh, Rajasthan

Kumbhalgarh is situated Mewar district of Rajasthan and was built by Maharana Kumbha in the 15th century. When Mauryans saw the Jain temples, they ordered to destroy those temple and as a result of this, most of the temple ruins in Kumbhalgarh represent the Jain Temple architecture. This beautiful fort is surrounded by a 36 metre huge wall and it contains various gates, hidden chambers and many other things. The gigantic wall is well recognized as The Great Wall of India. Kumbhalgarh is a marvelous place to visit; this place takes the visitors back to the era of Maharana Kumbha.

#7. Golconda Fort, Andhra Pradesh

Golconda Fort was the capital of the ancient kingdom of Golconda and it was formed 16th century. Golconda Fort is one of the Most Famous Ruins in India where people loves to visit. Eventually the fort became known as Golla Konda which means Shepherd’s hill. The fort depicts architectural innovative designs of those days. Golconda Fort is situated 11 kilometers from Hyderabad.

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#8. Aihole, Karnataka

Aihole is a beautiful village containing 125 stone temples from the Chalukyan period dating from the 5th century C.E. Aihole is located in Bagalkot, Karnataka and it is considered as the most famous tourist spot. Most of the temples in this village are in a state of ruins but this place still attracts many visitors. The architecture of these temples is truly mesmerizing, it represents Hindu architecture style. The temples contain, intricately designed ceilings, sculptured walls, flat roofs, large statues of gods and goddesses.

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