DTH Common Problems

DTH means Direct-To-Home television is an encrypted transmission that travels to the consumer directly through a satellite. Whether you are planning to buy DTH services or you are new user of Direct to Home service, the foremost thing that troubles you would be the complaints you have heard from other DTH users about few DTH common problems that affects your happy home entertainment time while watching TV shows.

Today in India, 40% peoples using DTH system in their homes. If you are using DTH system to watch TV Channels and are facing the same problem then we have best possible solution for DTH Signal Problem so you will not face any problem while enjoying your favorite TV show.

Ever since the digitization of television was announced in all the metro cities across India, there has been an upsurge in the demand for DTH and set top box services. In India itself, there has been estimated almost a 10 fold rise in demand with more and more people looking for the best DTH and set top boxes service providers in cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, etc for their television entertaining needs. The below highlighted are the most common problems faced by the subscribers of direct to (Home Service Subscribers) DTH services in India.

DTH Common Problems

Best Possible Solution for DTH Signal Problem

Problem in DVR Recording:

1. Problem: Time lags set in start recording and end recording time does not work when set from guide.

Solution: use information button (button i, and scroll down and schedule recordings, time lags set in the DVR settings will be effective).

2. Problem: No jump to option while playing the recordings.

Solution: Use bookmark option in the recording. At least while watching some favorite scenes one can directly reach to that point by pressing right arrow.

3. Problem: No indicator for recording in progress.

Solution: Go to DVR section and check your schedules.

4. Problem: Replay of recordings sometime stuck and gives disturbed audio.

Solution: It is not a very good solution, but one can format by going in settings and formatting the disc. Please understand that it will erase all your recordings.

5. Problem: Can’t change language of recorded content.

Solution: Set your current channel language to the desired language. Then go to DVR recorded content and play it. It will play in the language of your current live running channel.

Heavier Rain…it ruins signals:

As soon as the rains get a bit heavier, the signal disruption starts and the DTH box starts showing a message to wait until the weather clears before the signal can be captured again. This problem is common with all the DTH operators. The signal disturbance due to rain is called ‘Rain Fade’ and it depends on the transponder voltage, signal strength and can be countered by the size of the dish antenna.

As per the mandate passed by the Govt. of India, I&B ministry has made digitization of the Cable Services mandatory. This brings a change in the transmission from Analog to Digital with the help of Digital TV Box (Set Top Box) and DTH Satellite. This has led to increase in number of DTH service providers In India such as Tata Sky, Dish TV, Airtel Digital TV (ADTV), Reliance Big TV, Videocon D2H and DD Direct+ with promises to provide best picture and sound quality at fair prices in this competitive market.

Best Possible Solution for DTH Signal Problem

If you’re facing any of the above stated problems, the best way is to reset and reload your set top box. When you will reload the Set Top Box it will start execution from the beginning and all the function will be reset.

To reset the Router and Set Top Box, you just need to unplug the router and leave it for 2 minutes. Now plug in again and switch on. It is seen that in 90% cases this technique has worked well.

It may be possible that the set top box remains in problem for the first time as you reset it. But you should try it for minimum two times and your all problems will be solved. If still your set top box doesn’t start working properly then you must immediately compliant to the customer care of DTH Company. They will take some time but your problem will be definitely fixed. But no DTH provider can do anything when the problem is generated due to Rainy weather conditions.

Unfortunately, No company has made the rain proof set top box which can receive the signal even in the severe Climatic Conditions.  So these were the only solution through which you can solve your DTH Common Problems and may get away from the disturbance in signals.


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