Disgusting Things About India

Disgusting Things About IndiaYou must be asking yourself question that Mera Bharat Is Mahaan but still why it lacks behind in comparison to other countries? It’s just because of ignorance of disgusting things about India and weirdest things that you do and still take it for granted. These small-small things if are revised and rectified by us it will create some biggest changes ever. To make you aware about unknown facts about India that you should know our team has published this page.

There is no contradiction that foreigners come to India looking for spirituality and traditions of India but what they actually see is some other adverse facts about India that government of India adverts not to tell you. By taking care of these points and implementing them to yourself, your friends and relatives you cannot blame it to others and you will never question yourself why our nation lacks behind? As you will be knowing answer yourself. Let’s catch all disgusting, weirdest and unknown facts about India.

Disgusting things about India

#1. Littering All Over The Streets And Then Blaming Others For It

It’s a common problem of littering the garbage on the streets and blaming it to others. But who is responsible for that all you cannot blame a single person. It’s all of us who are responsible for that. By taking it on us and not blaming this on others we will be able to resolve this matter quickly.

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#2. The Fact That $130 Million Public Money Is Spent On Such Statues Rather Than The Public Itself

In India it is a common problem that for the fame Minister’s spent a wholesome amount on the statues rather than spending that sum on public welfare and for bringing down the poverty. If those money is contributed in education, making better health facilities then India will soon become developed nation.

#3. A Country Where Cricketers Are Worshiped Like Gods, But Other Sports Receive Only Disrespect

In India the national sport hockey is not given much privilege rather other sports are given much importance like cricket and the players of the crickets are also worshipped like God.  Indian cricketer’s live lavish lifestyle and have unlimited sponsorships offer but other sports players are not given much privilege.

#4. The Fact That Even After 67 Years Of Independence More Than 50% Of Our Country Lives In Conditions Like Poverty

Poverty is a common issue of India and it has been always too. It’s been more than 67 years since India got independence and still 50% population of country is facing poverty. This problem of poverty could be reduced with the launch of more schemes and yojanas by the government and by helping all children go to school.

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#5. When Movies Like Chennai Express Grosses 300 Crores On The Box Office

Movies with reputed actors like Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan breaks all record even if there is no interesting content and other movies like Black Friday, Udaan and others which needs that privilege does not even appear close to them. Just by casting these actors in movies helps to gross earnings of the movie.

#6. When Our Country’s Top Parliamentary Houses Look Like Shark Cage

One after other day there is news in the headlines of the parliamentary arguments and fights on such-such topic. This needs to improve as name of some good ministers also get ruined because of some of them. This needs to be improving if ministers will know the importance of each other and know that they are representing youth of the country.

#7. When People Assume Public Places As Toilets…

Various campaigns are running all over India for building of toilets but still some people prefer peeing on the roads rather than peeing in nearby public toilets. This needs to be improved if people would know that they are representating India by doing such activities and by building more public toilets.

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#8. That Grades And Marks Are Given More Importance Than Actual Learning And The Great Indian Reservation Quota

This is a common problem and you can only get admission in good college if your grades are up to the mark rather than your skills and actual learning. The Great Indian Reservation Quota is a big hoax and many great minds lack behind because of this system and the quota people take the unnecessary advantage of that.

Now You Will Not Wonder!!!!!! Why?

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