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New Passport Rules

New Passport RulesOn Friday 23rd December New Passport Rules has been made by Minister of State of External affairs. These major changes in the passport rules have been done in order to ease and well organize the process to issue the passport.

The Ministry has taken these steps as these steps are expected to benefit the citizens of India for applying for passport. Listed below are all the changes and new rules that will apply from now on the new passports.

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How to Link Aadhaar With Bank Account

How to Link Aadhaar With Bank AccountLinking your Aadhaar card with any of your existing bank account can be very helpful for every citizen. Whether you have SBI (State bank of India) account, PNB (Punjab National Bank) account, HDFC or any other bank account, go and link you account with your Aadhaar. The question must be arrived in your mind that How to Link Aadhaar With Bank Account.

Not to worry. To make it convenient for you we have bought some easy steps to register or link your Aadhaar with your Bank Account in both the ways i.e. Online and Offline Registration process.

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Jio Free Service Stopped For These Users

Jio Free Service Stopped For These UsersFrom the very first day when Jio services were started to now there have been many controversies about their services, offers, welcome offers and many things related to their products and services. But, this is serious as Jio Free Service Stopped For These Users.

Yes you heard that right Jio Free service of welcome and preview offer is interrupted and is going to be stopped for some users.

Along with stopping its services Jio is also going block the Jio sim cards for some. Do u want to for whom users Jio is going to stop its services and block the sim cards. Here they are.

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Most Popular Instagram Hashtags

Most Popular Instagram HashtagsAre You On #Instagram? If not surely you are the one left. Instagram is a leading man among all social websites. Now you’ll think how to get #followers on Instagram. No need to worry!! As here are Most Popular Instagram Hashtags/#Tags for getting followers speedily.

These #hashtags are only supported on some platforms like #facebook, #instagram #twitter #google+ #Tumblr # Pinterest. If you are annoyed of these hashtags because you don’t the meaning of them then there is no worry at all as here we have described the meaning also along with the most popular #tags to gain followers. Let’s quickly go through them and start enjoying them.

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Airtel Unlimited Calls & Data Offer

Airtel Unlimited Calls & Data OfferThere is a battle going on in a telecom market, every telecom operator is giving a tough competition to their competitors. Now Airtel has come up with Airtel Unlimited Calls & Data Offer that can beat Jio in the running race.

Airtel Unlimited Calls & Data Offer for postpaid users starts at Rs 549. Actually the organization has revised its myPlan Infinity offers that was earlier at Rs. 1,199 now start at Rs 549, providing the benefits of unlimited Calling Offer for both local and national calling to users.  

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7 Hobbies That Will Boost Your Mind

7 Hobbies That Will Boost Your MindHobby is something that one loves to do in his/her spare time. Making your favorite pastime the best, most creative, learning, stress free and happy go through our 7 Hobbies That Will Boost Your Mind, make you feel stress free, and also sharpens your memory.

Hobbies are developed through continuous systematic process and provide you with a lot of benefits. Passing your free time with enjoyment plus converting that free time in improving the quality of life is really worthy. 

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BSNL Rs 99 Unlimited Plan

BSNL Rs 99 Unlimited PlanBSNL has recently launched an unlimited voice calling packs at just Rs. 99 and Rs. 339 for its prepaid users to combat Reliance Jio and other growing band of telecom operators. If you want to know detailed information about BSNL Rs 99 Unlimited Plan with free unlimited calling and free bundled data for 28 days at just Rs. 99.

Read this article providing you with all the BSNL latest updates regarding BSNL 99 Plan, Unlimited Calling, and Free Data Usage for 28 days. This is the best opportunity BSNL prepaid customers to enjoy free calling. Now you don’t have to worry for calling charge, just enjoy these two new offers at Rs. 99 and Rs. 339.

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Tricks To Increase Jio 4G Internet Speed

Tricks To Increase Jio 4G Internet SpeedSo now you finally got a Jio free sim card by standing in long queues and still unhappy with the slow net and network crashes. No need to worry as we are back with some Tricks To Increase Jio 4G Internet Speed. By applying these tricks you will get the max jio speed.

Here we are going to tell you the tried and tested trick to increase the jio speed. We are sharing these tricks with you so that you can increase your uploading and download speed and take benefit of the Relaince Jio extended services.

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PayPal Accuses Paytm Of Copying/Ripping Off Its Logo

PayPal Accuses Paytm Of Copying/Ripping Off Its LogoMost rapidly growing Indian company Paytm is in the news again but now for some other activities as PayPal Accuses Paytm of Copying/Ripping off Its Logo.

Global payments provider Paypal has tossed digital payment and wallet provider Paytm in legal soup for confusingly similar logo with the same color scheme.

Paypal is a American Company which operates online money transfers. The company was started in 1998 with the same logo it has now.

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Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Yojana

Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan YojanaAs we all know that Prime Minister Sh. Narendra Modi is trying his level best to eliminate the black money from the country. For this the government has declared Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Yojana 2016 that is going to be implemented from 17th December 2016.

Under this Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Yojana, there is another chance for the people who have not yet given their black money to government.  According to the latest income revelation scheme one can give 50% Plus Penalty to make his/her black money to white.

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Educate People About Paytm And Get Rs 2100 Paytm Cash

Educate People About Paytm And Get Rs 2100 Paytm CashIt is always beneficial to share the knowledge and educate the other people by sharing the knowledge. Paytm launched the foundation “Each one, Teach one” in which you can Educate People about PayTm and Get Rs 2100 Paytm Cash and one lucky winner is also going to get a grand prize of whooping sum of Rs 1 Crore.

This campaign by Paytm mainly aims at transforming the user interests and further boosting them to go with the flow with country and start digital transactions. By helping and teaching your neighborhood, friends and merchants can trigger a massive wave of digital transactions across the nation.

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Govt’s National Lucky Draw Prizes

Govt's National Lucky Draw PrizesSo all the people who want to speculate their fortune here is something action packed for you as that Lucky Draw Game is back with a bang by government and now you can win Govt’s National Lucky Draw Prizes by making digital payments.

This is another initiative taken by the Government to encourage people towards digital modes and this time it is surely going to boost the digital transactions as now there is a huge sum of cash prize up to Rs 1 Crore.

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Bewafa’ Sonam Gupta Top Searched Personality on Google

Bewafa’ Sonam Gupta Top Searched Personality on GoogleThere are only 15 days left of 2016 to make it a history and so we decided to rewind what all happened this year in the world of internet. We were shocked to see that Bewafa’ Sonam Gupta Top Searched Personality on Google when we were hunting top news and stories of 2016 on Google in India.

With the all major incident and searches from the Rio Olympics 2016 to US Presidential election amongst the top searched people Sonam Gupta stands along with U.S President Donald Trump and Indian Badminton Player P.V Sindhu. Wooah! Now “Sonam Gupta has become International Bewafa”.

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Creative Party Ideas For New Year

Creative Party Ideas For New YearThis new year give an awesome start to your life by celebrating your new year with some Creative Party ideas. Making it easy for you we have got some of the Creative Party Ideas For New Year 2017 with your friends and family.

With Sparkling decorations and candles all around, dance with loud music and crazy noisemakers bought by your friends, makes this New Year even more interesting and exciting. Here, we will tell you the party that is not too expensive but people will be talking about for a long time to come.

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Are Mobile Payment Apps Fully Safe In India?

Are Mobile Payment Apps Fully Safe In India?While India is on full pace to go fully Digital, Chipset maker Qualcomm focused and arised the question in people’s mind that ‘Are Mobile Payment Apps fully Safe in India’? Qualcomm raised this question by saying that mobile banking applications in India are not using fully  hardware level protection to do digital transactions more secure.

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Nokia 150 Launched

Nokia 150 LaunchedIf you’re a hardcore Nokia Smartphone lover you may have little to cheer about today because new Nokia 150 is launched. It is a new era for the Nokia brand, back on the market for the first time in close to two years with a new phone

These Nokia phones will be available in two variants Nokia 150 and Nokia 150(Dual-Sim) as unveiled by HMD Global a Finnish startup which has exclusive rights to use Nokia brand name as they have purchased the Nokia’s brand license for next 10 years.

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Kiren Rijiju Scam

Kiren Rijiju ScamThe Congress on Tuesday accused Union Minister of State for Home Kiren Rijiju of involvement in a Rs.450 Crore hydro-electric scam in Arunachal Pradesh.

After the reports came of this Kiren Rijiju Scam the opposition parties are demanding his resignation till an investigation is conducted in the matter.

The opposition also has a audio proof of this huge scam by Union Minister said Congress spokesperson Randeep Surejwala. Here is everything you should know about this scam.

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Plastic Currency Notes Launched in India

Plastic Currency Notes Launched in IndiaThe RBI (Reserve Bank of India) for long has been planning to launch Plastic Currency Notes In India. The life of plastic notes is good to around 5 years and is very difficult to imitate. Australia was the first to introduce plastic currency to safeguard against counterfeiting.

The government is deciding to print plastic currency notes to check counterfeiting. It has been decided on Friday that the plastic currency notes will print and procurement of material has started.

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CBSE Schools will go Cashless from Jan 2017

CBSE Schools will go Cashless from Jan 2017Now you don’t have to stand in long ques of banks for depositing the fees of your scholars as Central Board Of Secondary Education/CBSE Schools will go Cashless from Jan 2017 and are going to accept the fee via digital modes. A letter was issued by Board Secretary Joseph Emmanuel to the principals of CBSE schools in which there was mentioned “With a view to minimize cash transactions at schools, all CBSE-affiliated schools shall introduce online fee collection or through non-cash mode from the next quarter commencing from January 2017.”

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Brand Factory Offers

Brand Factory OffersHave you been web rooming and haven’t yet started the holiday shopping because you want to have the best sale offers with free gifts and cash backs? So all the shopaholics here’s biggest Brand Factory Offers/steal offers on the eve of Christmas Black Friday which is going to happen nowhere but at your nearest Brand Factory Store. On this biggest discounted steal on branded products, you can steal more much than you can imagine. From free Rs 1000 vouchers to Rs 1000 discounts to Free Gifts To up to Rs 400 cash back.